• 2008 Rucker Gauntlet

    2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • Rucker Gauntlet
  • Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • 2008 Rucker Splitback

There are two things on which Rucker Performance orientated when creating the Gauntlet: style and handling. It was suppose to be long, apparently tall and clean looking and guess what? It ended up looking like this, only that with a low center of gravity, feature which covers up the second big requirement in the maker’s list. Concerning the engine, they used the same S&S 124 CID piece of engineering.

  • 2008 Rucker Gauntlet
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Transmission:
    6-speed gearbox
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    150 horsepower
  • Displacement:
    124 cubic inch L
  • Top Speed:
    110 mph
  • Price:



2008 Rucker Gauntlet
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2008 Rucker Gauntlet

So you’re a bike builder with the intention to go big on the market with custom machines? The best thing anyone could suggest doing is fabricating the product basing on the customers specifications. It seems that Rucker Performance has got that right so starting from the base project and the main image of the Gauntlet, future owners can have their future road companions created just for them.

The bike comes with the maker’s specific V-Twin engine of 124 cubic inches mated to a six-speed transmission and I don’t think you would like to change something concerning that, but everything from wheels to paint can be personalized in order to exert that magical attraction that makes the rider hit the road every day.


2008 Rucker Gauntlet
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2008 Rucker Splitback

But there is one other bike in particular that has big plans for ruling this class and it has the OCC name written on it. Yes, it is the Splitback, the closest thing you will find to the Gauntlet. One of OCC’s production motorcycles, the Splitback is a true custom chopper. It practically introduced the custom cruiser performance idea among builders and most of that has to do with the wide rear tire.

It is an innovative chopper with lots of one-off features such as the separated rear wheel illusion, the suspended seat and a radical gas tank that not only follows the frame’s lines, it actually looks like being part of the frame. Underneath it there is a 124 cubic inches V-Twin motor, also mated to a six-speed gearbox so when it comes to performance these bikes are truly comparable.


2008 Rucker Gauntlet
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2008 Rucker Gauntlet

In relation to the OCC Splitback, the Rucker Gauntlet is a little more docile motorcycle and I am not referring to its performance features. It simply brings a bit more to an early custom chopper and it can be the perfect choice for those who aren’t looking for the craziest thing of them all.

Best characterized by words such as drop seat design, the Gauntlet is long and offers a low riding position. It immediately stands out and although not as the most wild in the crowd, it is definitely among the ones who perfectly blend in their body elements, true testimony of being a chopped-up machine.

It has the custom wheels, the 300mm rear tire and the polished engine couldn’t have missed this model, but what I appreciate most is the inverted forks covered in chrome.

What is so great about this bike is that future owners can go for the extreme paint package which brings to their imagination more than 40 colors and some unique graphics. Also, there is a range of custom wheels completing the personalization possibilities.


Priced at $49,995, the Gauntlet isn’t considered cheap no matter how you put it, but it is indeed a great bike for the buck. I often find myself wondering how many (or what) cars a custom bike owner should have at home if it affords buying such a thing and at reunions such as Daytona Bike Week I am amazed to find out that sometimes none! Wife cars not included!


Exclusivity is the key that sells all custom bikes and the Rucker Gauntlet isn’t the exception from the rule. It is simply a big chopper with an affinity for comfort and light handling, as its maker claims, and that makes it sufficient to be among my favorite production custom bikes out there.


2008 Rucker Gauntlet
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2008 Rucker Gauntlet


Engine and Transmission

Model: S&S 124 CID

Ignition: S&S IST

Displacement: 124"

Pipes: Rucker Performance

Year: RSD, 6-speed


Builder: Pro street

Rake: 42 degrees

Stretch: 8" tube stretch

6" backbone stretch

Shocks: Progressive


Extension: 10" over

Builder: Mean Street


Size: 21" X 3.5" front

18" X 10.5" rear

Hub: 4"

Tire: Metzeler 300 series

Brake: Wilwood


Painter: Rucker Performance

Color: Toxic Gold with Gold Candy and heavy mini flake

Type: Tribal with sword edges and skull graphics


Bars: Rucker Performance

Fender(s): Rucker Performance

Headlight: Headwinds

Taillight: Joker

Speedo: Dakota Digital

Gas Tank: Rucker Performance

Oil Tank: Rucker Performance

Oil System: Rucker Performance

Seat: Psycho, Inc.

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