• 2008 Rucker Vandal

    2008 Rucker Vandal
  • 2008 Rucker Vandal
  • 2008 Rucker Vandal
  • 2008 Rucker Vandal

The latest addition to the Rucker muscle bike lineup makes a good preview subject as it is one of the most desired and yet decently-priced custom motorcycles on the market today. On the open road or on the Boulevard, a Vandal would feel well at home, not waiting with the engine started in front of a Bank, as some would expect.

  • 2008 Rucker Vandal
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    S&S V-Twin
  • Transmission:
  • Energy:
    S&S Twin Super G Carb Racing Induction System
  • Displacement:
    124 c.i; 145 c.i. L
  • Top Speed:
    110 mph



2008 Rucker Vandal
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2008 Rucker Vandal

Custom bikes are usually a choice for the rich and famous and what Rucker Performance successfully intends on doing is building custom bikes for common, passionate people. This is also the case with the Vandal, a bike that gives another meaning to the word unique and still retains the features of a one-off bike.

And those features start with the 124 cubic inch engine and six-speed tranny, without neglecting the 45 degree rake and the race-inspired inverted front fork. The bike is also easily recognizable throughout the 330 rear tire, rigid frame, razor front fender and custom forward controls. Apparently details, they make all the difference when actually riding the bike.

There are two engine options: 124 cubic inch S&S engine and a 145 cubic inch version, which is the same, but features the extra Super G carburetor.


2006 OCC Splitback
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2006 O.C.C. Splitback

They also make a difference when having it compared with other motorcycles (tough job, I know), but in the end that’s the entire beauty of it.

It seems that the Rucker Vandal and the O.C.C. Splitback have many things in common, starting with the cylinder capacity of their V-Twin engines, an H&L Diamond Cut in the case of the Splitback. The guys in Orange County have introduced the bike in 2006 and it has been a success ever since so it seems that the Vandal intends being the great alternative for it.

As you can expect, everything on it, starting with the engine, box, frame, forks, gas tank and finishing with the air cleaner, the bars, wheels and fenders, is made in the O.C.C workshop so that everything will be top notch. And I can understand why. Offered for a price of $57,500, the Splitback is taste of freedom for the wealthy.


2008 Rucker Vandal
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2008 Rucker Vandal

Appearance is all that counts when it comes to choppers because, before anything else, these bikes are made to stand out and this one simply “vandalizes” everything in its way to the top.

On a Vandal you can be nothing else but a low rider as given to the bike’s long and low look, the riding position is close to the ground enhancing the freedom feel.

At the front it has a nice custom wheel on which the rubber is covered by a cool fender and – this is what you will appreciate most – there are two disc brakes. Everything is sustained by an inverted chromed fork on which the relatively small, but stylish headlight and signal lights find their places. Considering the short fork, handlebars couldn’t have offered a comfy riding position without the actual stretched design which completes this perfect harmony.

The bars follow the gas tank’s wave shape which can only be accomplished with the help of the thick seat. At the back, the massive wheel deals with all that tractor-pulling torque and offer an even more radical design to the already impressive pro-street ride.

Very important, at choppers, the engine is the masterpiece and in this case, the 124 cubic inch or the 145 cubic inch version shines brightly underneath the fuel tank, speaking about the tradition of American muscle bikes, on which the V-Twin motor is a must.


If reading this, it is very likely that your search for the ideal American muscle bike has reached an ending point for you. All that’s left to do is to find that war-like helmet and get on going. Destination: Nowhere!

It has the looks, it has the power, and ohh boy, it is an immediate attraction so you’ll better like questions like “how fast can it go” if seeing yourself on one of these things.



2008 Rucker Vandal
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2008 Rucker Vandal

Engine and Transmission

Engine, Year/Model: 2007/S&S 145 CID

Builder: S&S

Displacement: 145"

Fuel System: S&S Twin Super G Carb Racing Induction System

Exhaust Pipes: Rucker Performance Stainless Steel

Ignition: S&S IST

Transmission, Year/Model: Rucker Performance Polished, 6-Speed, Right-side Drive Transmission

Primary Drive: Tauer Open Belt Primary 

Final Drive: Chain


Frame, Year/Model: Rolling Thunder

Swingarm: Rigid

Rake: 45 Degrees plus 9 degrees in trees, -54 degrees

Modifications: 7" out, -2" up

Shocks: Rigid

Front Fork: Inverted Chrome

Front Wheel: 21" X 3.5"

Rear Wheel: 17" X 12"

Front Brake: Wilwood Dual Front, 4 Piston

Rear Brake: Wilwood Single Rear, 4 Piston

Front Tire: Avon Venom 120/70 mm

Rear Tire: Avon Venom 330 mm

Rear Fender: Rucker Performance Custom Fabricated


Headlight: Headwinds

Fuel Tank: Rucker Performance Custom Fabricated

Oil Tank: Rucker Performance

Handlebars: Rucker Performance

Seat: Custom

Speedo/Tach: Dakota Digital Instruments

Foot Controls: Accutronix

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