• 2009 Star V Star 1100

    2009 Star V Star 1100 Classic and Custom
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Classic
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Classic
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Silverado
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Silverado
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Silverado
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Silverado Instruments
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Silverado Windscreen
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Engine
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Custom
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Custom
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Custom Exhaust
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Custom Handlebar Mounts
  • 2009 Star V Star 1100 Custom Engine
  • 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
  • 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

Probably Star’s most appropriate motto would be “A Star for everybody” as they offer different, but close sized engines to power a variety of models that are meant to suit all possible riding demands. Take the V Star 1100 lineup for instance. This fills in the gap between the V Star 1300 and V Star 950 with three similar and yet so different models, the Classic, the Silverado and the Custom. So which one suits you best?

  • 2009 Star V Star 1100
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    air-cooled 75° V-twin; SOHC, 2 valves/cylinder
  • Transmission:
    5-speed, multiplate wet clutch
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    62 hp @ 5,750 rpm
  • Torque @ RPM:
    85 Nm @ 2,500 rpm
  • Energy:
    (2) 37mm Mikuni®; throttle position sensor
  • Displacement:
    65-cubic-inch (1063cc) L
  • Top Speed:
    100 mph
  • Price:



Powered by the same engine and riding on the same chassis, the bikes aren’t that different at their base so the small tweaks make the difference for each one in particular. It’s amazing how the simple 65-cubic-inch, air-cooled, 75-degree V-twin; SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder engine mated to a five-speed gearbox and fitted on a double-cradle steel frame with 33-degree rake can prove as successful in three different cases and even achieve similar performances despite the fairly minor differences in weight. Fuel consumption is a claimed 44 mpg in the case of all three bikes and the 4.5 gallons tank is there to keep your traveling rhythm constant and reassuring at all times.

2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287435
2009 Star V Star 1100 Silverado

Unlike bigger Star models – even the V Star 1300 – which features belt drive, the V Stars 1100 feature shaft drive as these smaller bikes aren’t that noisy. Still, smaller size doesn’t necessarily mean less inches of travel for the suspension so the telescopic forks provide a good 5.5 inches of travel and the rear shock a effective 4.5 inches of travel. That’s as much as the V Star 1300 provides and another similarity consists in the presence of two 298 mm brake discs up front and a single 298 mm one at the rear.

The difference between the three models consists in style. The Classic one features nice retro looks on which the Silverado adds touring goodies. In what concerns the Custom, this is a little bit shorter and lower and it is all about the bike being stripped down to its bare necessities.


2008 Yamaha V Star 1100 History



Quite frankly, we expected to see fuel injection on the 2009 model years, but Star decided to stick with their two carburetors and they’ll have to face the competition this way. Kawasaki provides the closest things to the Stars in the form of their 2009 Vulcan 900 Classic/Classic LT/Custom.

2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287473
2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

All models are powered by the same 55.1-cubic-inch, liquid-cooled, V-twin; SOHC, four-valves per cylinder V-twin. Despite being smaller than Star’s, the Kawasaki engine develops 58.2 lb.-ft. at 3,500 rpm and it’s all due to the fuel-injection system featuring 34 mm Keihin throttle bodies. Style is what makes the difference in what concerns the Vulcans 900 too so the Classic has a $7,499 retail price, the Classic LT a $8,799 one and the Custom either a $7,699 one or a $8,099 one as there is also a Special Edition model available.

Kawasaki also fits their 900s with belt final drive so it seems to me they’ve got the recipe right.

Suzuki is out in 2009 with the Boulevard C50 and Boulevard C50T, two motorcycles which’s 49.1-cubic-inch engine is also fuel injected so worthy of being compared with Star’s bigger, but carbureted engine. Suzuki does not offer a Custom model. MSRP for the C50 is $7,799 while MSRP for the C50T is $9,099.


As I was saying, style makes the difference and the Star V Star 1100 models may not feature the most high-tech engines available out there, but they do stand out as the most refined representatives of the class that they belong to.

2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287440
2009 Star V Star 1100 Classic

The 2009 V Star 1100 Classic features deeply valanced fenders built around the beefy tires and the seven-spoke cast wheels. It, like the other two models, has two disc brakes up front so that together with the thick forks make the front end look like meaning serious business. The round headlight blends perfectly in this scenario and the pullback handlebars follow the gas tank’s lines and stand for comfort. So are the spacious floorboards and the seat which is positioned only 27.9 inches from the ground. That partly chromed V-twin engine looks like it’s been there for decades and if we look at the big picture here, it actually did. At last we get to see a two-into-two exhaust system on a V Star and we love it. The colors that keep the Classic model so…classy are the Candy Red and Charcoal Silver with Flames.

2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287442
2009 Star V Star 1100 Silverado

The 2009 V Star 1100 Silverado is no more and no less than a Classic model with an adjustable windscreen, spacious touring seat, passenger pillion pad and backrest as well as a pair of leather saddlebags, all being studded for an enhanced long haul appearance. The Raven paintjob seems the most appropriate for the Silverado models while the Galaxy Blue one…well, I could live without that.

2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287444
2009 Star V Star 1100 Custom

The 2009 V Star 1100 Custom features a lower 27.2-inches high seat and the overall length is also shorter (94.7 inches). Forget about the deeply valanced fenders and the 7-spoke cast wheels as the Custom model features stripped-down fenders and laced wheels. The Candy Red paintjob is also available for the Custom, but the special and most attractive one in 2009 is the Raven which also transforms the model into a Midnight Custom.


2008 Yamaha V Star 1100 Test Ride



Compared to the competition, all V Star 1100 models are significantly more financially demanding and that’s mostly because of cylinder capacity. So the 2009 V Star Classic starts at $9,290 (Candy Red) and $9,490 (Charcoal Silver with Flames). Starting at $9,190 (Candy Red) and $9,290 (Raven – Midnight Custom), the 2009 V Star 1100 is also priced within decent limits, if we can even put it that way. The 2009 V Star 1100 Silverado though isn’t. This last starts at $10,290 no matter color scheme.


2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287439
2009 Star V Star 1100 Classic

Star shows how value can be put as much on the fit and finish as other manufacturers would do on the engine and that’s ok as long as they stick to the 65-cubic-inch engine. Still, our thought head once again towards the inexistent fuel injection and that belt final drive. Hopefully, these will be 2010 model year’s brand new features.



Engine and Transmission


2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287434
2009 Star V Star 1100 Custom Engine

Type: 65-cubic-inch (1063cc) air-cooled 75° V-twin; SOHC, 2 valves/cylinder
Bore x Stroke: 95 x 75mm
Compression Ratio: 8.3:1
Carburetion: (2) 37mm Mikuni®; throttle position sensor
Ignition: TCI
Transmission: 5-speed, multiplate wet clutch
Final Drive: Shaft


Chassis and Dimensions


2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287433
2009 Star V Star 1100 Custom Handlebar Mounts

Frame: Steel; hidden shock
Suspension/Front: Telescopic fork; 5.5-in travel
Suspension/Rear: Single shock; adjustable preload, 4.5-in travel
Brakes/Front: Dual hydraulic disc, 298mm
Brakes/Rear: Hydraulic disc, 282mm
Tires/Front: 130/90-16
Tires/Rear: 170/80-15
Wheels: 7-spoke cast - Classic and Silverado / Laced - Custom
Length: 97.0 in - Classic and Silverado / 94.7 in - Custom
Width: 37.2 in - Classic / 35.2 in - Custom
Height: 43.3 in
Seat Height: 27.9 in - Classic / 27.2 in - Custom
Wheelbase: 64.8 in - Classic / 64.6 in - Custom
Ground Clearance: 5.5 in - Classic / 5.7 in - Custom
Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gal
Fuel Economy: 44 mpg
Wet Weight: 628 lb / C: 634 lb - Classic ; 670 lb / C: 676 lb - Silverado / 606 lb / C: 612 lb - Custom




Key Features:


  • Retro style is even cooler when it’s combined with Star engineering, including an SOHC air-cooled V-twin and shaft drive (Classic).

  • A medium-size adjustable windshield, large touring seat, passenger pillion pad and backrest provide great long-range, two-up comfort (Silverado).

  • Roomy and beautiful soft-leather saddlebags provide storage for long-range adventures (Silverado).

  • Long, low, stripped-down-to-the-bare beautiful essentials and powered by a modern SOHC V-twin, the V Star 1100 Custom goes as good as it looks (Custom).

  • With a seat only 27.2 inches from the pavement, the Custom is long and low, perfect for a plush ride (Custom).

  • Special Midnight 1100 Custom is decked out in shiny Raven paint with flames and blacked-out components throughout (Custom).

  • Efficient and quiet shaft drive requires almost no maintenance.

  • Classic, rigid-look rear end serves up 4.5 inches of rear wheel travel damped by a hidden preload-adjustable shock.

  • The V Star 1100 Classic/Silverado/Custom achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 44 mpg** with a fuel tank that holds 4.5 gallons of gas.



  • 65 cubic-inch (1063cc), air-cooled, SOHC, 75-degree V-twin is tuned for outstanding low- and mid-range torque — maximum torque is reached at only 2500 rpm — for exceptional overall cruising performance.

  • Forged lightweight pistons provide greater durability and reduced vibration and reciprocating mass.

  • Ceramic-composite, cylinder-bore plating ensures superior heat dissipation for better cooling and longer engine life.

  • Thick cylinder fins enhance the stylish look while increasing cooling efficiency.

  • Dual, heated Mikuni® 37mm carburetors with throttle position sensor feature a progressive pulley, electronic fuel pump and handy side-mounted air filter to ensure consistent fuel flow, great throttle response and optimum power throughout the rev range.

  • One-way cam, clutch-type starter decreases mechanical noise during starting.

  • Low-maintenance shaft drive delivers superior reliability and smooth cruiser ride quality.

  • Two-into-two exhaust system with dual shotgun-style staggered pipes play outstanding V-twin music and simplify aftermarket conversion.



  • Low-slung, large-diameter, rigid double-cradle frame with 33-degree rake creates strong, stylish machine with precise, predictable handling.

  • Low, 28-inch seat height lets nearly everybody touch the pavement and enhances maneuverability.

  • Extra-long, 64.8-inch wheelbase produces a long, low retro profile, with spacious ergonomics for added rider comfort and great handling (Classic and Silverado).

  • A flat, drag-style one-inch handlebar reinforces the custom performance theme (Custom).

  • Beefy, brushed steel telescopic front fork with 5.5 inches of travel smooths out the bumps.

  • Tucked-out-of-sight, link-type, preload-adjustable single rear shock with 4.5 inches of class-leading travel for a low profile that gives up a plush ride.

  • Large-diameter dual front disc brakes and a single rear disc provide strong, confidence-inspiring stopping power.

  • Comfortably placed, full-size rider floorboards enhance the ride by minimizing vibration and fatigue.

  • Stylish heel/toe shifter adds versatility and enhances overall cruising comfort (Classic and Silverado).

  • Fat, tubeless tires on seven-spoke aluminum wheels combine classic looks with modern ride quality, comfort and handling (Classic and Silverado).

  • Narrow tire on an 18-inch spoked front wheel looks the part, while a 15-inch fatty out back under a kicked-up fender completes the look (Custom).

    Additional Features:


    2009 Star V Star 1100
- image 287436
    2009 Star V Star 1100 Silverado Instruments
  • Industry-leading Star Family fit and finish features rich, lustrous paint and extensive chrome accents that create a timeless machine.

  • Large, 4.5-gallon teardrop fuel tank with class-leading fuel capacity serves up long-distance cruising range.

  • Deeply valanced steel fenders combine cool style with rugged durability.

  • Eye-catching, tank-mounted speedometer designed with a large face for easy reading of tripmeter/odometer displays and turn signal, neutral, high beam, low oil and engine diagnostic indicator lights.

  • Locking compartment under side cover provides secure storage for small items.

  • Chrome 12V 60/55-watt halogen headlight looks incredible and helps maximize nighttime visibility.

  • Maintenance-free 12V 14AH battery ensures dependable, no-hassle starting.
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