• 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer

    2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300
  • 2009 Star V Star 1300 Engine

Star builds their 2010 V Star 1300 Tourer as the ideal midsized highway motorcycle that makes no concessions in what concerns power, comfort and built quality. Combining a bulletproof and dynamic 80-cubic-inch engine, a low (28.1 in) seat height and Star unmatched fit and finish, this package simply had to be widely exploited.

Last year we saw two different models available, the simple V Star 1300 and the V Star 1300 Tourer. This last came fitted with a tall windscreen, leather-wrapped, hard sidebags as well as a passenger backrest, all contributing at delivering a machine that is meant to keep the rider and passenger traveling for long distances in complete comfort. Well, find out after the break how the 2010 model year is even more comfortable and stylish.

  • 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    liquid-cooled V-twin; SOHC, 4 valves/cylinder
  • Transmission:
    5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
  • Torque @ RPM:
    81.8 ft-lb @ 4,000 rpm
  • Energy:
    Fuel Injection
  • Displacement:
    80-cubic-inch (1304cc) L
  • Top Speed:
    120 mph
  • Price:



The engine remains the same 80-cubic-inch, liquid-cooled, V-twin; SOHC, four valves per cylinder, the biggest ever to be mounted on a V Star model and it shows. This unit is not only impressive looking, but features a fuel injection system which lines it up next to even bigger models. Also thanks to the capable engine, the V Star 1300 Tourer meets both the demands of riders who just start out and even of experienced ones who have long quit going for the biggest and meanest cruiser/tourer out there, but simply for the one that suits them best.

And it’s not just the powerplant. Take weight for example. The 2009 base model only weighs 668 lbs while the touring one doesn’t go over 712 lbs. Relying both on the same versatile chassis, what these bikes require is to be set into motion and they’ll work their magic beautifully. There is a double cradle steel frame on which the engine mounts solidly and, still, the vibrations level is within decent limits. A relaxed cruising feel is enhanced by the 5.3 inches of travel front (telescopic fork) and the 4.3 inches of travel rear (single shock) while braking performance is excellent thanks to a pair of 298 mm discs up front and a single also 298 mm one at the rear.

2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
- image 336595
2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer

Being determined to improve comfort and looks, Star reshaped the handlebar of the 2010 V Star 1300 Tourer and by bringing the bars closer to the rider, this benefits of a much more relaxed riding position. They’ve also replaced 2009’s seat with a new “dish” shape one, which allows riders to carry on registering miles long after other members of the pack would have ceased. The new seat will also allow more riders to flatfoot the ground, which is good.

Star claims their V Star 1300 Touring goes 42 mpg and with a 4.9 gallons tank, this bike really is self-sufficient. Yet, contenders aren’t falling behind and it’s always worth keeping an eye opened for that aspect as well. But why not start with seeing where the V Star comes from?


Yamaha V Star History



2009 Suzuki Boulevard C90/C90T
- image 279206
2009 Suzuki Boulevard C90T

Suzuki’s midsized cruisers are the Boulevard C90 and C90T, both being powered by an 89.2-cubic-inch, air-cooled, OHC, 45-degree V-twin that is as well fuel injected and implicit slightly more powerful than Star’s 80-cubic-inch motor. Still, performances are pretty much in the same interval as the C90 weighs 705 lbs and the C90T weighs 747 lbs. These bikes don’t feature a distinctive belt final drive like the two Stars do, but shaft drive. Yet, the five-speed tranny is there. Although by the way that the two Boulevard models look like it would seem they deserve a decent place in any motorcycle museum, they are actually built to be ridden, so they sell for $11,299 (C90) and $12,299 (C90T).

2009 Honda VTX1300
- image 278258
2009 Honda VTX1300T

The Honda VTX1300R ($10,299) and VTX1300T ($11,499) are significantly cheaper motorcycles of the category and a closer look reveals why. Honda hasn’t yet prepped up a fuel-injection system for the 80.06-cubic-inch, liquid-cooled, 52-degree V-twin; SOHC, three valves per cylinder engine and the models carry on to 2009 being powered by the 38mm constant-velocity carbureted engine. Performance isn’t of crucial importance in this category, but appearance is, so the Retro model features deeply valanced fenders, lots of chrome as well as amazing finishing. The same thing applies to the VTX 1300 Tourer only that this model adds a windscreen, leather saddlebags and a backrest as standard equipment.


2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
- image 336590
2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer

It’s always good to know what you’re working against, but with the 2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer and the 2009 Star V Star 1300 we could have really skipped that as the bikes are very refined and also inspired by the biggest Star motorcycles, each from the specific category that it belongs too.

The fenders aren’t deeply valanced, but do stand out as being classy while the gas tank and the V-twin motor are positioned low for a good center of gravity. The seat is also only 28.1 inches from the ground and the floorboards positioned way up front for a relaxed cruising position with the handlebars being pulled back.

Unlike other middleweight cruisers that feature a two-into-two exhaust, the largest V Stars only features a large silencer that is also a Star characteristic, a pretty unique one too. Compact, so well put together, the Star’s 98 inches length is harnessed by the two seven-spoke cast wheels with beefy tires on the cruising-type model and seven-spoke aluminum wheels also with beefy tires on the touring-type motorcycle.

2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
- image 336593
2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer

As mentioned in the introduction, the Tourer stands out thanks to the tall windscreen, leather-wrapped, hard sidebags and a passenger backrest. Colors available for 2010 are Raven and Impact Blue and they also add gloss black finish on the frame and make the thing look expensive. This tourer’s modern-classic look is completed by a new 3-D tank emblem design and the even more chromed parts such as the new chrome headlight housing and chrome belt guard.

The 2009 Star V Star 1300 features two stylish color schemes, Raven and Pearl.


2008 Yamaha V Star Test Ride



Star offers the 2010 V Star 1300 Tourer for an MSRP of $11,790 regardless of color, but you can still get a 2009 V Star 1300 cruiser, which starts at $10,290, and accessorize it as you consider best. These numbers unveil a good price-quality ratio, which is also the main factor for which these motorcycles sell fast.


2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
- image 287231
2009 Star V Star 1300

Overall, the two Star motorcycles show no radical changes, but as you can suppose (given the category), they don’t actually need them. Fuel injection makes that engine grunty and very effective while the wisely engineered frame ensures proper handling as well as comfort. Add a smooth overall design and some attractive color schemes while keeping the prices down and you’re in with an unbeatable combination…actually two.



Engine and Transmission

2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
- image 336596
2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer

Type: 80-cubic-inch (1304cc) liquid-cooled V-twin; SOHC, 4 valves/cylinder
Bore x Stroke: 100.0 mm x 83.0 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Fuel Delivery: Fuel injection
Ignition: TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission: 5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
Final Drive: Belt

Chassis and Dimensions

2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
- image 336594
2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer

Frame: Double Cradle
Suspension/Front: Telescopic fork; 5.3-in travel
Suspension/Rear: Single shock; 4.3-in travel
Brakes/Front: Dual hydraulic disc, 298mm
Brakes/Rear: Hydraulic disc, 298mm
Tires/Front: 130/90-16M/C 67H
Tires/Rear: 170/70B-16M/C 75H
Wheels: 7-spoke aluminum
Length: 98.0 in
Width: 38.6 in
Height: 43.9 in
Seat Height: 28.1 in
Wheelbase: 66.5 in
Fuel Capacity: 4.9 gal
Fuel Economy: 42 mpg
Wet Weight: 712 lb


Warranty: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

Features & Benefits

Key Features:

2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
- image 336587
2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer

  • The V Star 1300 Tourer comes standard with hard leather-wrapped sidebags, passenger backrest and windshield. The touring package is designed from the factory so it’s styled consistently with the bike’s fluid lines.
  • The midsize V Star 1300 Tourer brings modern classic styling along for a lighter, sportier, hot-rodinspired ride.
  • 80-cubic-inch (1304cc) liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin produces excellent power across the board along with a highly stimulating exhaust note
  • Modern-classic design, including a flangeless gas tank and two-into-one exhaust, gives the V Star 1300 that distinctive Star look.
  • Steel chassis gets 48 percent of the bike’s weight on the front tire, for quick, light handling and maneuverability.
  • Authentic cruiser features such as belt drive, steel fenders and fuel tank, open up the customization possibilities even further.

  • New for 2010:

  • The handlebar bend is changed, bringing the bars closer to the rider for a more relaxed riding position.
  • The shape of the seat has been redesigned with a “dish” shape for improved comfort, and it allows riders to touch the ground easily.
  • A new 3-D tank emblem design adorns the V Star 1300 Tourer and evokes a modern-classic look.
  • The V Star 1300 Tourer gets even more chrome: a new chrome headlight housing and chrome belt guard. Plus, there’s a new gloss black finish on the frame that adds a high-quality look.

  • Engine:

  • The 1304cc (80 cubic inches), 60-degree, SOHC, V-twin engine delivers smooth power to the ground, while maintaining the classic big cruiser sound and pulse characteristics.
  • Fuel injected—each cylinder is fed by its own injector spraying into twin 36mm intake valves, while the twin bore design allows the computer-controlled system to feed a precise amount of fuel/air mixture to the engine. The result is strong, smooth and seamless performance across the full range of engine rpm.
  • Four valves per cylinder (36mm intake, 32mm exhaust) provide optimum combustion efficiency; roller rocker arms reduce friction for better performance and reduced wear.
  • Ceramic composite cylinder sleeves contain 100mm forged pistons for excellent durability and longevity.
  • 9.5:1 compression ratio and aggressive cam timing produce plenty of power across the board and a distinctive exhaust note.
  • Forged connecting rods ride a single crankpin for true V-twin sound and power.
  • Sly cooling system routes liquid through hidden hoses and internal engine passages for air-cooled looks and liquid-cooled performance. Oil filter is easy to get to but also tucked nearly out of sight for clean, pure looks.
  • The belt drive transfers power from the transmission to the wheel with authority. The belt system is virtually maintenance free and delivers a quicker, more impressive throttle response feeling than a shaft drive.
  • The classic cylinder fin styling of an air-cooled engine with the consistent potency of a liquid-cooled power plant. With the radiator set back between the down tubes discretely routed plumbing, the V
  • Star 1300 Tourer’s classic beauty shines through.
  • Hydraulic cam chain tensioner reduces noise and maintenance.

  • Chassis/Suspension:

  • Built on a double cradle steel frame, giving the bike a rigid base for nimble handling, while allowing enough frame flex to be comfortable on the open road.
  • The swingarm looks sweet and gives the bike its great handling character. Mated with belt guards, the swingarm’s sleek design is intergrated into the overall styling of the whole bike. This allows excellent road bump absorption for all-day comfort on the great wide open.
  • 41mm fork tubes with stainless covers look great and serve up a smooth, controlled ride.
  • A thick, chromed handlebar rides in painted clamps for a custom look.
  • The fuel tank is sculpted low and sleek for style and comfort, with a flush-fitting, aeronautical-style gas cap incorporated into the tank’s sleek, flangeless-type design. The tank holds a generous 4.9 gallons of fuel, thanks to a remotely located sub tank that also houses the fuel pump, for plenty of traveling range on the open road.
  • Seven-spoke cast wheels and matching rear pulley mount fat, 16-inch tires for a cool period look albeit with big contact patches on the road.
  • Dual 298mm front and single rear disc brakes. Provides consistent and predictable stopping power for driving in traffic or out on the open highway.

  • Additional Features:
    2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer
- image 336598
    2010 Star V Star 1300 Tourer

  • Star quality paint, chrome and detailing vie for attention wherever you look; fenders are steel not plastic.
  • Retro-modern bar-mounted instrumentation contains analog speedometer along with LCD display; indicator lights for high beam, turn signal, low oil level, low fuel, coolant temperature, neutral—and engine diagnostic function.
  • Floating floorboards and an adjustable heel/toe shifter provide a comfortable, low-effort ride and makes moving through the 5-speed gearbox a snap.
  • Bright multi-reflector headlight and amber turn signals behind clear lenses give a custom look.
  • Oxygen sensor and catalyst reduce emissions.
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