With performance credentials that have established it as the hottest sportbike on the planet, the Suzuki Hayabusa is designed for the serious sport rider who will settle for nothing less than the best. Its combination of unsurpassed power, crisp handling and superb aerodynamics creates the ultimate sportbike. You could say that the 2011 Hayabusa is so intense, that it’s in a class of its own. For 2011 Hayabusa will get new colors and graphics (Pearl Mirage White with gold trim and Pearl Nebular Black with red trim).

The 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa is powered by a 1340cc, in-line, DOHC liquid-cooled engine with 16-valves engine and gets a a large volume 4-2-1-2 exhaust system with a large capacity catalyzer, dual triangular canisters and closed loop system. The Hayabusa comes with an optimized 6-speed transmission. Oil spray to the 4th, 5th and 6th gears reduce wear and mechanical noise during highway cruising.

UPDATE 09/12/2011: Depending on where your allegiances lie, the Underground Racing-tuned Lamborghini Gallardo TT can be described as the Suzuki Hayabusa of the auto tuning world and vice versa. But if you’re looking for something obscenely fast, can you really go wrong picking one over the other?

The short and simple answer is no. So to illustrate just how incredibly powerful these two machines are, the folks from Underground Racing and the people behind the tuned Hayabusa - Shamrock Racing - met up to see of these beasts has bigger claws. Check out the video after the jump to see two mind-blowing machines in action!

2011 Suzuki Hayabusa features after the jump.

Chassis Features

  • A lightweight and rigid twin-spar aluminum frame minimizes weight while maintaining high torsional strength.
  • The Hayabusa has been outfitted with a fully adjustable inverted front fork featuring DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) coated inner tubes. The front suspension offers minimal friction resistance and provides outstanding suspension performance over a variety of riding conditions.
  • A bridged aluminum alloy swingarm features a cross-sectional shape for increased rigidity, which also helps cope with improved rear tire grip and increased engine output. The Hayabusa’s fully adjustable rear shock absorber has a 43mm piston and 14mm rod diameter.
  • Radial-mount front brake calipers offer maximum braking performance and allows for smaller 310mm front brake rotors resulting in reduced unsprung weight and improved handling. A lightweight single piston rear brake caliper works in conjunction with a 260mm rear brake disc.
  • 3-spoke cast-aluminum-alloy wheels are shod with 120/70ZR17M/C (58W) front and 190/50ZR17M/C (73W) rear radial tires.
  • Vertically stacked twin headlights provide increased light intensity, improved light distribution and match the elegant flow of the Hayabusa styling.
  • The Hayabusa’s instrument cluster features four analog meters for speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and water temperature with a S-DMS mode indicator, gear position indicator and adjustable engine-rpm indicator.
  • Advanced aerodynamics offering superb wind protection both for normal and completely tucked-in seating positions.
  • The Hayabusa comes with a bright, durable LED taillight, with clear inner lens and red outer lens.

Engine Features

  • The Hayabusa is equipped with a 1340cc, in-line, DOHC liquid-cooled engine with 16-valves, and Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers (TSCC).
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy pistons with a compression ratio of 12.5:1 are used for maximum performance in all conditions. Hard, smooth chrome-nitride Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating on the upper compression and oil control rings on each piston reduces friction while improving cylinder sealing.
  • Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) cylinder plating improves heat transfer, durability and ring seal.
  • Lightweight titanium valves allow the use of light valve springs and high lift while maintaining accurate valve control. Iridium spark plugs are used for high combustion efficiency.
  • The Hayabusa’s engine is fed via Suzuki’s SDTV (Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve) fuel injection system with dual 12-hole, fine-spray injectors per cylinder and ram air intake with large volume airbox.
  • Suzuki Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system ignites unburned hydrocarbons and reduces carbon monoxide emissions.
  • S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) allows the rider to choose from three different engine settings depending on riding conditions or rider preferences.
  • The Hayabusa comes with a large volume 4-2-1-2 exhaust system with a large capacity catalyzer, dual triangular canisters and closed loop system.
  • A high efficiency curved radiator features dual electric fans controlled by the ECM for increased cooling capacity. The oil cooler has 10 rows cores for increased heat dissipation.

Transmission Features

  • The Hayabusa comes with an optimized 6-speed transmission. Oil spray to the 4th, 5th and 6th gears reduce wear and mechanical noise during highway cruising. Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) serves as back-torque-limiting system for smooth downshifts and also contributes to a light clutch pull.
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  (1) posted on 08.13.2011

its a ing motorcycle not a car you stupid tools.

  (320) posted on 07.18.2011

The styling of the car was great as well as the speed performance. And I was impressed with the enhance chassis and engine features of the car.

  (429) posted on 07.18.2011

I like the simplicity of the model. I agree that the speed performance of the car has an impressive specs and great handling.

  (702) posted on 06.9.2011

The design of this car looks so awesome for a Suzuki. And I think it look more aggressive compare to Yamaha bikes! Keep it guys!

  (460) posted on 06.9.2011

I like the modern upgrade of this car to have an high speed performing bike. I bet the lightweight material used in the engine makes it to increase its speed!

  (402) posted on 06.1.2011

That’s right. I agree with you, Suzuki has been in the industry and we all know that they’re giving out their best to produce quality motobikes.

  (228) posted on 09.29.2010

Instead of the intake camshaft you have an hydraulic system that controls the valves with a help of a computer, there are 6 programs of variation but it can variate between them infinitely, so its like the mother of all VVT/VTEC/MIVEC whatever.

  (1211) posted on 09.22.2010

Performance wise it’s insane, but I’ve always felt it looked butt ugly. I prefer the R1, looks and performance.

  (417) posted on 09.2.2010

Superb motorcycle! I’ve seen the video of this one racing with a new supercar killer, Nissan GT-R.

  (1333) posted on 08.30.2010

Speaking of sheer power. This bike conquers all!.

  (570) posted on 08.10.2010

Aside from doing a disservice to the non-cycling public by hyping up motorcycles that the entry-level buyer has no business even
considering, you’re totally neglecting new bikes from Kawasaki like the Versus, as well as the new Suzuki GSX650F. At least get the lower displacement, and higher efficiency bikes that still have more than enough performance for 99% of the riders out there..

  (518) posted on 08.2.2010

yes I agree! This motorcycle was a hottie, haha! I like its color and its engine performance.

  (367) posted on 07.27.2010

Very nice bike, though I’m not a huge fan of the styling. Too "bubbly" for me. It needs sharper looks like a Honda/ Ducati/ Triumph styling.

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