Special 20th anniversary colors and graphics with numbered emblem and special ignition key - Black muffler with racing style end cap and 20th Anniversary logo - Vortex grooved brake discs - Racing-style sliders - Special colored windscreen - Iridium spark plugs - Blue colored chain

  • Suzuki GSXR 750 20th Anniversary
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Model:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    749 L
  • Quarter Mile time:
    10.36 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    172 mph
  • Price:

You’re looking at a supersport bike with racing credentials the competition can only dream about. The legendary GSX-R750, direct descendant of the bike that was introduced 20 years ago and revolutionized supersport riding in America.

For 2005, the GSX-R750 offers power and handling to absolutely blow away the competition. Its engine is the embodiment of works-inspired technology. Every bit of its advanced engineering - from the innovative Suzuki Dual Throttle ValveTM digital fuel injection and engine management system to its titanium valves - is dedicated to providing you with phenomenal performance across the powerband. And that’s something you have to feel to believe. On the track, its awesome low- and mid-range torque launches you out of corners, while its awesome top-end charge lets you own the straightaways.

The chassis and suspension systems are loaded with race-proven features such as technically advanced suspension front and rear, Tokico four-piston radial-mount front brake calipers, and a Nissin radial-piston front master cylinder. The result is razor-sharp responsiveness on all kinds of tracks. To top it all off, the GSX-R750 boasts wind-tunnel developed bodywork and incredibly slippery aerodynamics, especially at racetrack speeds.

The 2005 GSX-R750 - the legend lives!

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  (1) posted on 02.20.2016

I own one love it

  (1) posted on 06.13.2009

This is by far the best bike ever. I just wrecked mine. I did a power wheelie, got it up to 1130, hit a pothole, 12 o’clocked it and launched from under me. Just picked up my new clutch cover and have a windscreen on the way. still need an upper fairing stay but I have rent to pay. Love this bike. Can’t say that I will ever buy a different bike.Ride Safe Guys.
PS. it did phenomenal at the Dragon’s Tail at Deal’s Gap.

Rod  (825) posted on 06.11.2009

I wish I had this GSXR 750 20th edition.

pdaix  (431) posted on 03.26.2008

I love this bike A GSXR will always be a Gixxer !

pdaix  (6023) posted on 03.24.2008

Greatest bike in the world ......extremely responsive and makes me want to ride all day and night....seriously.....the best bike every....better than the R1 or 6, better then the CBR.....you’lll hve to ride it to understand...hats off the anyone tht owns one

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