Some people prefer bikes that are just oozing horsepower. Others prefer a bike that looks like a stunner without carrying all that output. The TVS Apache RTR F1 160 is part of the latter.

And that’s a good thing.

The Apache RTR FI 160 is clearly a head turner that comes with magnificent features and a fuel injection technology that gives the bike better fuel efficiency. In terms of design, the bike offers plenty of new features, including bull-horn grab rails, sporty rear set foot pegs, petal disc brakes, and a digital speedometer that allows the rider to experience a truly exceptional ride.

To attract even more attention, the Apache RTR FI 160 has an absolutely perfect seating position and well positioned rear sets. The Apache RTR FI 160 also offers two seating positions for both roads and tracks.

Inside the heart of the Apache RTR F1 160 is a 159.7-cc fuel injected engine that produces a maximum power of 15.7 horsepower @ 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.1 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

All told, the Apache RTR F1 160 is a bike that may not carry all the performance credentials, but it does look spicy, which is half the battle.

Find out more about the TVS Apache RTR F1 160 after the jump.

  • 2012 TVS Apache RTR F1 160
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    EFI 4 stroke
  • Transmission:
    5-Speed Transmission
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    8 @ 8500
  • Torque @ RPM:
    10 @ 6500
  • Energy:
    electronic fuel injection
  • Displacement:
    159 cc
  • Top Speed:
    75 mph
  • Price:
    INR 80000

TVS Apache RTR F1 160

2012 TVS Apache RTR F1 160 High Resolution Exterior
- image 451123

Split grab rails

The bull horn grab rails are split and ergonomically designed to aid the pillion rider in holding on tight. The grabs are designed based on input data taken from thousands of palm types and grab holding styles to achieve an optimum blend of design & functionality.


Designed with details that add to the sporty flavor of the bike. The silencer has been sound engineered as we understand that a huge part of the apache RTR’s appeal lies the kind of sound it makes.

Rearset foot pegs

2012 TVS Apache RTR F1 160 High Resolution Exterior
- image 451131

The sporty foot pegs are lightweight and contribute to the power to weight ratio of the bike and the design. They are set in a rear set position to make sure ever riding experience is like a track experience.

Racing GT stripe

Whichever angle you look at, the apache RTR 160 spells cocky sophistication, it’s fluid racing stripes, luminous rims and race crouch mirrors epitomize the RTRs racing pedigree.

Forged brake lever

The apache RTR F1 160 employs a brake lever and gear lever set, which apart from delivering great looks is also lighter in construction

Aerodinamics airscoops

2012 TVS Apache RTR F1 160 Exterior
- image 451130

The 2008 RTR range comes loaded with aerodynamic air scoops that not only add to the design but also ensure air is directed towards the engine unit to help better cooling efficiency.

Engine fairing

The engine fairing design again illustrates the amount of detailing that has gone into its development. It functions to save the RTR engine from elements and harsh riding condition and also adds to its aero dynamic design.


Lightweight stylish alloys designed in a way that doesn’t ass weight beyond what is necessary. Lightweight but extremely tough these alloys weather the toughest of surfaces and reduced weight ensures that you do not loose out feeling the thrill of acceleration every time you twist your wrist.


Tail lamps

2012 TVS Apache RTR F1 160 Exterior
- image 451122

Leading from the rear are the LED tail lamps. LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are more powerful and ensure hi visibility in all weather conditions and are also greener as they consume less power from the unit.

Rotor petal disc

Front : Apache RTR 160 was the 1st bike in India to have pioneered rotor petal disk brakes and on any other bike it would have been a compromise with an impressive diameter of 270mm, it aids in razor sharp braking and the shape aids in faster heat dissipation from the disc pad.
Razor- sharp braking is guarantee.

Rear : 1st time seen on a bike in its class; the rotor petal disk brake on the rear wheel adds to the braking capability and performance n the RTR F1 160.

Digital speedo console

2012 TVS Apache RTR F1 160 Exterior
- image 451125

Digital speedo console is friendly hip. Add to it the data logging features from our racing bikes. What you get is a speedo unit that gets you as close to the recing experience.

Over square engine

The RTR is the definitive signature of TVS racing chicanery and the ingenuity of its engineers. This revy happy unit is acclaimed and very close to the unit that won the apache RTR 169; pe rformance bike of the year from BS motorino; overdrive&NDTV car&bike awwrds.

Poly shocks

The RTRs poly shocks take on every bump, and every pothole with impunity and bully them into submission. The poly shock comes with a revolutionary technology where the rebound from a shock transmitted from the road surface is dissipated as heat energy feel no matter what the surface.

Clip on handle bars

The handle bars on the RTRs are designed based on insight from racing unlike conventional tubular handle bars. The clips on unit seen on the RTR range consists of a base unit with two distinct handles clamped to the base unit. It presents a sporty riding stance that is aero dynamic and easy to control. The clip ons are adjustable for reach as seen on hi end bikes.


2012 TVS Apache RTR F1 160 High Resolution Exterior
- image 451126
Displacement 159.7
Engine technology EFI 4 stroke
Max power (kw@rpm) 11.5kw @ 8500 [15.7bhp @ 8500]
Max torque (nm@rpm) 13.1nm @ 6500
Gear box 5 gear constant mesh
Clutch multi-plate wet type
Bore x stroke , mm 62 x 52.9
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Fuel system electronic fuel injection
Wheel type diecast alloy
Front tire 90 x 90 – 17
Rear tire 100 x 80 – 18
Brake – front DIA 270 disc brake type
Brake – rear DIA 200 disc brake petal type
Suspension – front telescopic hydraulic fork
Suspension - rear mono tube 5 step adjustable canister- gas filled shock absorbers
Head lamp 12v 35/35w halogen HS1 clear lens with MFR
Tail lamp 12v 0.5w LED-twin triangle with prism
Turn signal lamp 12v 10w
Overall height 1100mm
Overall length 2020mm
Overall width 730mm
Wheelbase 1300mm
Ground clearance 180mm
Kerbweight 136kgs
Fuel tank capacity 16.0 litre
Max speed 120kmph
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