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The Vectrix VX-3 LI+ is a versatile three wheeler which is perfectly suited for the requirements of city traffic. Its three wheels configuration (two at the front and one at the rear) help it stay better planted on the ground at both low and high speeds. For enhanced agility the front-end is fully articulated.

The scooter weighs 238 Kg and sports an electric motor which is powered by a LiFeP04 125V (42Ah) battery. The electric motor delivers more than enough power to propel you to a maximum speed of 110 kmph and the energy stored in the batteries can keep it alive for up to 128 km. The batteries can be charged using standard sockets in 4-6 hours.

You also get Pirreli tires, front and rear disc brakes and 2-Year Unlimited Mileage warranty.

The 2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ comes with a base price of $14,995.

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  • 2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+
  • Year:
  • Top Speed:
    68 mph
  • Price:


2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Exterior
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Look closely. See it? Check out the front-end of the VECTRIX VX-3 Li+. It has two-wheels. Why? Simple. Increase the stability. What’s even better than that? How about the front-end fully-articulates? Imagine that. Slow-speed stability when locked combined with full speed articulation for incredible handling. Talk about having the best of both worlds. Now it’s time to feel the difference. With amazing acceleration, it’s a blast to ride.

2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Key Features:

2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Exterior
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System Status
Battery Charge


2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Exterior
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Dual Filament 35w (High/Low Beam)

Regenerative Throttle:

2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Exterior
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Patened VECTRIC™ Braking
Slow-speed Reverse

Charging System:

2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Exterior
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On-board charging 220V/110
Charging Time: 2.5 Hours (to 80%)


2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Exterior
- image 536768

Patened VECTRIX™
Front Articulating Suspension


2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Exterior
- image 536767

Li+ = 5.4 kWh/42 Ah LiFePO4

Drive System:

2013 Vectrix VX-3 Li+ Exterior
- image 536766

Patened VECTRIX™
Planetary Gear Drive

Once you’ve ridden the revolutionary three wheeled VECTRIX VX-3 Li+, you’ll understand. It’s the right mix of performance and stability, delivered at speeds up to 110 km/h (68 mph). The VX-3 Li+ offers an impressive range; it’s a both daily commuter and weekend fun machine. Using the VECTRIX™ “ELOC” electronic lock system, the VX-3 Li+ can be locked upright for speeds up to 8 km/h (5 mph) for low-speed balance and unlocked for true “motorcycle-like” riding. Just imagine—Good for the planet, easy-to-ride, and stable. Wow. Talk about having the right stuff at the right time.


Top Speed 110 km/h, 68 mph
Acceleration 8.25 seconds, 0-80 km/h, 0-50 mph
Range Up to 128 km, 80 miles
Recharge Up to 4-6 hours
Capacity 5.4kWh
Weight 238 kg, 525 pounds
Charging 220/110 VAC
Battery LiFeP04 125V (42Ah)
Cycle Charges Up to 1,600
Colors White, Silver, Black
Warranty 2-year unlimited mileage
Center Stand ELOC
Charger On-board 3 meter/10 foot cord
Motor VECTRIX™ Planetary Gear Drive
Throttle VECTRIX™ Regenerative Throttle
Reverse Yes
Locking Storage Yes
12V Powerport Yes
Glovebox Yes
Brakes Front (2) + Rear (1) Disc
Tires Pirelli GT 523 120/70-12 (F)
Pirelli GT 524 140/60-13 (R)
Forks Articulating Front Suspension
Shocks Sachs Twin Shocks
Price $14,995
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