• 2010 Victory Kingpin

    2010 Victory Kingpin
  • 2010 Victory Kingpin
  • 2010 Victory Kingpin
  • 2010 Victory Kingpin
  • 2010 Victory Kingpin
  • 2010 Victory Kingpin
  • 2010 Victory Kingpin
  • 2010 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball
  • 2010 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball
  • 2010 Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy

Although Victory doesn’t have a classic cruiser in their lineup as a result of their sustained efforts of building modern bikes from all points of view and despite the fact that the Kingpin is sold as a custom, we dare saying that this is their closest thing to a classic cruiser. A modern classic motorcycle, if you will, the Victory Kingpin addresses to the fans of seamless lines and a big V-Twin engine, while the Kingpin 8-Ball stands out as a blacked-out version, but in fact there’s plenty more to it than just that.

  • 2010 Victory Kingpin
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    4-stroke 50° V-Twin
  • Transmission:
    6-speed overdrive constant mesh; 5-speed constant mesh on the Kingpin 8-Ball
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    85 hp
  • Torque @ RPM:
    106 ft-lb of torque
  • Energy:
    Electronic Fuel Injection with dual 45mm throttle body
  • Displacement:
    1,634 L
  • Top Speed:
    125 mph



85-hp fuel injected V-twin engine

Starting with the standard Victory Kingpin, we would have to say this motorcycle was built to fulfill the needs of riders who prefer riding a stylish, user-friendly motorcycle around town and a real blast down the open road. It’s hard not to spot the Victory Kingpin wherever you might be, so while the eye-catching part is sorted out with a simple look at the bike, the engine might seem to require a thorough investigation, but the fact is that it’s the same 100 ci / 1,634 cc, 4-stroke, 50° V-Twin used by Victory on all of their custom motorcycles.

The Kingpin 8-Ball uses the same engine, but unlike the standard model, which uses a six-speed overdrive gearbox, the 8-Ball comes with a five-speed gearbox. But the slight differences between the two models don’t end here. The 8-Ball cruiser’s single, mono-tube gas rear suspension offers 3.0 in/76 mm of travel, significantly less than Kingpin’s 3.9 in/100 mm of rear wheel travel. This entirely black approach towards the Kingpin features a 1.3-inch lower seat, while the footpegs have been repositioned 2.25 inches closer to the rider.

2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319511
2010 Victory Kingpin

So, clearly, the goal for 2010 was to offer a much more forgiving riding position for Kingpin 8-Ball riders, while the engine’s performances remain the same: 85 horsepower and 106 ft-lb of torque.

Although Victory doesn’t sell the Kingpin Tour any more, they do offer an optional touring package for the 2010 Kingpin. This includes a windshield, trunk and saddlebags, this kind of accessories managing always to tip the scale in favor of the open road.




2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319574
2010 Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy

Looking at the two Victory bikes, it won’t be a mistake in saying these two similar and yet pretty different models are found in a class of their own. But then we think about the 2010 Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy and FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo. These aren’t veritable classic motorcycles either, but they do come with a 96 ci / 1584 cc, air-cooled, twin cam engine and the Fat Boy Lo is also a

2010 Harley-Davidson FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo
- image 316029
2010 Harley-Davidson FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo

blacked-out version of the standard one and that might just blink an eye to the same category of riders interested in the Kingpins. The seats are low (25.40 inches, respectively 24.25 inches on the Lo model) and the Harleys weigh in at 694/700 lbs dry (as shipped). Also, there are no concessions in what the six-speed gearbox is concerned and that’s always a good thing to have on any bike.

Seeing how hard it is to find the appropriate competitors for different models in Victory’s lineup reveals their strategy of building unique bikes from all points of view.


2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319510
2010 Victory Kingpin

And the first thing that strikes you is the way their motorcycles look. Furthermore, these aren’t even redesigned model years. You get the same valanced fenders wrapped around a pair of stylish black stingray wheels, thick fork arms, a decently sized headlight and easy to grab bar. The incredibly smooth gas tank holding 4.5 gallons of fuel is this bike’s piece of resistance and it blends perfectly in with the low seat. Look down low from Victory’s proud badge attached on the sides of the tank and there’s another reason to drop your jaw - the 100 ci engine looks like it’s there with the purpose of looking good and looking good only. The passenger seat doesn’t look like it’s very comfortable, but stays in tone with the bike’s lines, while the rear fender appears to be more than a bear necessity. On it, you find a perfectly smooth LED taillight and Victory’s discrete signal lights. The 2010 colors available for the Victory Kingpin are: Solid Midnight Cherry and Two Tone Ocean Blue with Sandstone Metallic.

2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319506
2010 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball

At a first glance, the all-new 2010 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball looks like no more or less than a blacked-out standard model, but the differences are there for you to spot. Apart from the lower seat and repositioned footpegs, the 8-Ball model also comes with a classic headlight and streamlined seat. Indeed, the Solid Black color scheme completed by the blacked-out V-Twin engine, bars and black stingray wheels have the hardest impact, but we believe that’s precisely what makes it an 8-Ball cruiser.

Press Reviews

2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319507
2010 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball

"The bike starts willingly, idles steadily, and answers the throttle eagerly. Slow creeping in traffic is managed without annoying surges, and throttle response is crisp and predictable." – motorcycledaily

"Top-gear roll-ons feel stronger on the Kingpin 8 than on six-speed Victories, but higher rpm for a given cruising speed means some vibration begins to intrude through the grips, floorboards and fuel tank at an indicated 75 mph." – motorcyclecruiser

"Comfort is excellent for a boulevard cruiser. The well-designed, thickly-padded seat has a lot to do with it. The humongous fenders offer great splash protection and add to the "neo-retro" style of this magnificent all-black demon." – moto123

"A backroad stroll through the mountains above Santa Barbara during the bike’s press introduction also showed a sweet-handling cruiser with good brakes and a comfortable ride." – cycleworld

“At highway speeds I experienced some noticeable wind against my torso and legs, the breeze flapping my jeans and trying to push my feet off the footboards. The pull-back handlebar also hangs the rider out there like a spinnaker. To alleviate the upper-body pressure we requested Victory’s Lock and Ride Windshield…” – ridermagazine


The bikes do get all the good reviews and Victory shows knowing to value their products as the Kingpin comes with a $16,999 MSRP, while the Kingpin 8-Ball is a significantly more affordable offer starting at $13,999.


2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319509
2010 Victory Kingpin

The Victory Kingpin has become very popular among bikers who prefer riding a modern classic rather than an old dated looking thing and we believe the 2010 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball is an even more exquisite approach towards the same idea. Also, we hope we’ll be seeing even more such Victory models in the future.


2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319513
2010 Victory Kingpin


Engine and Transmission


  • Engine Type: 4-stroke 50° V-Twin
  • Cooling Type: Air / Oil
  • Displacement: 100 ci / 1,634 cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 101 x 102 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 8.7:1
  • Valve Train: Single overhead camshafts with 4 valves per cylinder, self-adjusting cam chains, hydraulic lifters
  • Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection with dual 45mm throttle body
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gal / 17.0 ltr
  • Exhaust: Staggered slash-cut dual exhaust with crossover
  • Oil Capacity: 5.0 qts / 4.75 ltr
  • Charging System: 38 amps max output
  • Battery: 12 volts / 18 amp hours
  • Primary Drive: Gear drive with torque compensator
  • Clutch: Wet, multi-plate
  • Transmission: 6-speed overdrive constant mesh; 5-speed constant mesh on the Kingpin 8-Ball
  • Final Drive: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Belt


Chassis and Dimensions


  • Front Suspension: Inverted cartridge telescopic fork, 43 mm diameter, 5.1 in 130 mm travel
  • Rear Suspension: Single, mono-tube gas, cast aluminum with rising rate linkage, 3.9 in/100 (3.0 in/76 on the Kingpin 8-Ball) mm travel, preload adjustable spring
  • Front Brake: 300mm floating rotor with 4-piston caliper
  • Rear Brake: 300mm floating rotor with 2-piston caliper
  • Front Wheel: 18 x 3.5 in
  • Rear Wheel: 18 x 5.5 in
  • Front Tire: 130/70 B18 Dunlop 491 Elite II
  • Rear Tire: 180 55-B18 Dunlop D417
  • Length: 99.9 in / 2,537 mm
  • Wheelbase: 65.6 in / 1,666 mm
  • Seat Height: 26.5 in / 673 mm; 25.2 in / 673 mm on the Kingpin 8-Ball
  • Ground Clearance: 5.8 in / 148 mm; 5.3 in / 135 mm on the Kingpin 8-Ball
  • Rake/Trail: 32.8° / 5.4 in / 138 mm
  • Dry Weight: 666 lbs / 303 kg; 660 lbs / 300 kg on the Kingpin 8-Ball
  • GVWR: 1,234 lbs / 561 kg




  • Solid Colors: Solid Midnight Cherry; Solid Black on the Kingpin 8-Ball
  • Multiple Colors: Two Tone Ocean Blue & Sandstone Metallic


Features & Benefits

2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319512
2010 Victory Kingpin


2010 Victory Kingpin

Counter-Balanced 100 Cubic Inch Freedom V-Twin

  • This 100ci/1634cc engine serves up 85 horsepower and 106 ft-lb of torque for responsive acceleration and great power. It has Closed Loop Fuel Injection with overdrive.

6 Speed Overdrive Transmission

  • There’s smooth shifting through the greats, and in 6th - which is a true overdrive - the RPMs drop for smooth, efficient highway cruising. Plus, there’s still power for passing without downshifting.

Heel-Toe Shifter

  • Enjoy smooth shifting however you prefer. Kick it up and down with the toe, or use the well positioned heel shifter to run it up through the gears.

Full Floorboards

  • Ride in comfort and with confidence with your feet on these full floorboards. They put feet in a great position to operate the controls and help block road spary and debris.

Inverted Front Fork

  • The inverted cartridge telescopic fork has 5.1" (130mm) of bump-swallowing travel and provides a Hammer 8-Ball rider with smooth, easy steering, in town and on the open road.

Ultra-Comfortable Riding Position

  • The Kingpin riding position puts you confidently in command. Comfortable seat height, easy reach to the bars and all controls well within reach. Plus, a great view of the open road that’s calling you.
  • Optional Touring Package (Includes Trunk, Saddle Bags and more)

Full-Length Classic Flared Fenders

  • This is signature Kingpin styling. The fenders have a custom look, an elegant flare and they provide excellent long-riding protection from road spray.

Multi LED Taillight

  • The leader of the pack needs a taillight that is easy to follow - this in the one! It is exceptionally bright and super-stylish with its smart design and flush mounting.


2010 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball

2010 Victory Kingpin
- image 319506
2010 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball

Blacked-Out 100 Cubic Inch Freedom V-Twin

  • This stealthy-looking 100ci/1634cc engine delivers 85 horsepower and 106 ft-lb of torque, ample power for city sprints and highway cruising. Electronic Fuel Injection keeps it smooth and efficient.

5 Speed Transmission

  • Enjoy smooth, easy shifting with this proven, reliable 5-speed transmission.

New, Lowered Seat (1.3" Lower)

  • The lowered seat and new, rearward positioning of the hand and foot controls put a rider in a comfortable position to enjoy the ride and confidently stay in command on the open road.

Multi-Led Taillight

  • The leader of the pack needs a taillight that is easy to follow - this in the one! It is exceptionally bright and super-stylish with its smart design and flush mounting.

Streamlined Seat

  • This seat provides a rider with a comfortable riding position and it’s styling complements the smooth, low profile of the bike.

Blacked-Out Bars

  • These handlebars are blacked-out to complement the 8-Ball styling treatment, and their design gives a rider natural leverage for easy steering.

Repositioned Foot Pegs (2.25 Inches Back)

  • The lower controls are positioned closer to the rider and slightly higher, putting them easy in reach, regardless of inseam length. The result is confident control and comfortable riding.

Classic Headlight

  • The styling of this headlight is classic and straightforward and the illumination it provides is effective at lighting up the way for great cruising.

Black Stingray Wheels

  • Wheels need to look good standing still, and roll with reliable precision when the bike’s in motion. These wheels do it all, showing style when parked and rolling smooth and true on the open road.
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