This motor bike is the own identity of VOXAN, since the mark was made known with it. It is revealed in a new version for the year 2005.

  • 2006 Voxan V1000 Roadster
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    100 Hp@ 8000 RPM
  • Displacement:
    996cc L
  • Top Speed:
    137 mph
  • Price:

A return to the source, since the initial drawing of Roadster, in 1995 was began by Sacha Lakic with a round headlight. It is one of the major modifications of the version 2005!

Round headlight on chrome board, chrome round instruments, a chrome handlebar, keys of color Gold on the elements of braking, you do not recognize any more the Roadster, it is even more „chic”.

Roadster VOXAN is a veritable proclamation of qualities of the mark. A passion dedicated to the quality and the research of the effectiveness without compromise. Since its birth, Roadster VOXAN created a new standard in terms of behavior, the version 2005 will not derogate from it! It adds a key of quite French class to it!

In the segment of Roadsters, Roadster VOXAN it is always positioneted like reference in behavior, but its new face and the evolution of its completion now intends it to customers searching a machine for strong personality.


Technology VOXAN is unique with a tank under the saddle and a horizontal shock absorber which lowers the centre of gravity. Thanks to that, you form a unit with Roadster that you handle without effort, with precision, from one turn to another. The new handlebar brings a profit of comfort with a position of released and natural control.

Its part cycles modular and innovative is equipped with the best ingredients: new reversed fork Ø 40 mm, Paioli shock absorber, Brembo brake 4 pistons, pneux Michelin Macadam, all this contributing to a behavior of an exceptional level!

An engine of character

The french V-Twin, 996cm3, 100 HP which animates Roadster is a model of flexibility and dynamism. Electronic injection, 4 valves, 6 speeds, it was drawn for an exceptional dynamism and an incomparable character.

This result passes the competition by a number of inherited solutions, for example: the light ultra crankshaft of 3,8 kg for promptness, a water circuit of small capacity, but with strong flow to support compactness. All this brings thermodynamic qualities which gets an exceptional approval of control.

Its temperament is ensured by a maximum capacity available mainly as of 4500 rpm and authorizing frank rises until the limit of the red zone.

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