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After has disappeared for a good number of years, Voxan has decided to reenter in the “race” of motorcycle manufacturers. Therefore it developed an entire new motorcycle which has all it needs to take your breath away.

The new bike was designed by Sasha Lakic, is entirely electric and has managed to take everybody by surprise when it made its debut at the Paris Motorcycle Show on December 2nd.

It is called the Wattman and currently is the fastest electric motorcycle available on the open market.

This electric beauty weighs 350 kg and at its heart lies an electric motor with permanent magnets and liquid cooling, that puts out a maximum power of 200 HP with 200 Nm of instant torque up to 10,500 rpm. This power is enough to send you to 100 kmph in only 3.4 seconds which is fairly impressive for an electric motorcycle.

Another impressive thing is the motorcycle’s architecture, as the new Wattman features an innovative exoskeleton which contains the battery, motor and cooling systems. You also get carbon wheels, a 240mm Pirelli Commander II rear tire and a 12.8kWh battery that can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes.

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  • 2014 Voxan Wattman
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • 0-100 time:
    3.4 sec.


2014 Voxan Wattman Exterior
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Voxan has today achieved a major revolution in French motorcycle history with the presentation of a 200 HP upscale machine which is radically innovative in its technology and its architecture.

WATTMAN illustrates the new techniques and stylistic direction of the brand with avant-garde technologies in the field of electric mobility and a design that anticipates the shape of bikes to come.


2014 Voxan Wattman Exterior
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A 200 HP electric shock
Powered by the first Voxan electric motor with permanent magnets and liquid cooling, WATTMAN delivers a phenomenal power of 200 HP with 200 Nm instant torque up to 10,500 rpm. It is positioned as the most powerful electric motorcycle ever built, at a much higher level of performance in many respects than the best combustion motorcycles.

WATTMAN is engineered in Monaco and made in France Voxan Wattman.

0 – 160 km/h in 5.9 s
The power is transmitted to earth by a 240 mm wide tyre, reaching 0-100 kph in 3.4 seconds and 0-160 kph in 5.9 seconds.

Synonymous with new sensations, WATTMAN offers driving pleasure in its purest form, equally capable of lightning acceleration and flexibility, thanks to its belt drive electric motor.

Recharged in less than 30 min
The new VOXAN features an exceptional charging time of 80% in less than 30 minutes thanks to a “COMBO II” socket, the European quick charge standard. This is less time than it takes to recharge a mobile phone. It can also be plugged to a standard household socket, anywhere thanks to its integrated charger.
Its ultra-compact 12.8kWh battery ensures 180 km of range.


2014 Voxan Wattman Exterior
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voxan wattman 1

The 2.0 motorcycle
Such an Ultra High Tech object or work of modern technological art draws its inspiration from the future to exist in the present.

Voxan inaugurates a new motorcycle architecture radically looking to the future with an aluminium “exoskeleton” chassis housing integrating all the components of the powertrain. It is accompanied to the rear by a new type of parallelogram-shaped four-link suspension (two dual oscillating arms) that creates an extension of the battery pack towards the rear axle. This horizontality gives the bike stability and elegance.

« This aluminium housing which encloses the battery is the motorcycle’s signature. You can tell from this design that it is an electric machine. ». -Sacha Lakic, designer

This results in a very pure motorcycle without visible technical features.

« Wattman is the embodied testimony to the love I have for the Motorcycle, this unique object that defies the laws of gravity and balance and provides an enjoyment that few dynamic engines can offer to their driver ». - Sacha Lakic

The markers of old generation motorcycles have disappeared in favour of a new, quieter, more technological yet equally emotional approach.

Some essential commonalities nevertheless exist between these two generations of motorcycles: the pleasure of driving, the sensation of extreme acceleration, the intoxication of freedom and of nonconformity, the unique pleasure of the fusion between man and machine and a pleasure that only a motorcycle with a strong personality can provide.


2014 Voxan Wattman Exterior
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voxan wattman 1
Battery Technology Lithium Ion
Energy 12.8 kWh
Max. power 200 HP (from 7,500 rpm to 10,500 rpm)
Max. torque 200Nm (from 0 to 6,000 rpm)
Max. motor speed 10,500 rpm
Frame structural battery packaging and self-supporting motor casing
Front suspension 43 mm inverted fork
Rear suspension dual swingarms, dual shock absorbers
Rims carbon 18”
Tyres Michelin Commander II
Front 130/70/18
Rear 240/40/18
Front brakes 4 discs (230mm diameter) – 4 piston calipers (Beringer 4D System)
Rear brakes Disc (230mm diameter) – 2 piston caliper (Beringer)
Transmission 35 mm timing belt
Performances Max. speed : 170 kph
0-100 3.4 s
0-160 5.9 s
Range 180 km (according to NEDC standard cycle)
Charging time < 30 minutes (quick charge at 80%)
Charger plug Combo II
Length 2,350 mm
Height 1,015 mm
Width 815 mm
Wheelbase 1,705 mm
Weight 350 kg
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