Multipurpose, go-anywhere do-anything middleweight; the FZ6 is just as happy taking you to work, for a brisk sport ride or on a weekend tour.
Style and performance: Controlled Fill aluminum frame, a high-tech half fairing and an undertail exhaust are just a few of the FZ6’s upscale components.
Super-light and compact fuel-injected YZF-R6 engine is tuned for enhanced midrange performance as well as strong revvability.

  • 2006 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    600 L
  • Top Speed:
    143 mph
  • Price:

New for 2006:

  • Even better finish quality of the upper fairing, frame, engine and swingarm back up the FZ6’s outstanding style and performance.
  • Engine:
  • 600cc liquid-cooled 16-valve DOHC four cylinder engine.
  • Group fuel injection combines simplicity with excellent response and performance.
  • Powerful 32-bit processor and 4-jet bidirectional injectors negate the need for the R6’s suction-piston vacuum assist system and are 75 percent lighter.
  • Six-speed gearbox with triangulated input and output shafts, heavy-duty clutch and through-the-frame shifter for years of precise, positive shifting.
  • Stainless steel underseat exhaust system with heat shield looks cool and doesn’t interfere with passengers or luggage.
  • Acoustic analysis of the downdraft intake tract and exhaust produce a bike that sounds as cool as it looks.
  • Large radiator with ring-type fan for excellent cooling capacity.
  • Yamaha Air Induction System, along with a metal honeycomb type catalytic converter, let the FZ6 pass strict EU2 and CARB emissions standards.


  • Strong and very light Controlled Fill die cast aluminum frame is made from only two pieces, which bolt together at the steering head and in the swingarm pivot area.
  • Five-point stressed-member engine mounting design consists of two crankcase mounts per side and one mount on the left side of the cylinder head for excellent strength and light weight.
  • Placing the engine’s crankshaft axis close to the FZ6’s roll axis aids quick handling and light, positive steering.
  • 25 degrees of rake, 3.8-inch trail and 56.7-inch wheelbase for quick handling and excellent tracking.
  • Single shock linkageless rear suspension is simple and light with sport-biased damping tuned for a controlled, progressive feel; extruded aluminum swingarm is 23.2 inches long for reduced chain-pull effect, further bolstering the FZ6’s outstanding handling.
  • Placing the battery under the fuel tank and behind the steering head helps achieve 51 percent front wheel weight distribution and excellent handling.
  • 43mm, wide-set fork tubes for excellent rigidity and confident braking performance.
  • Single-piece upper triple clamp/handlebar mount with tubular handlebar for excellent front-end feel, feedback and light steering; 35-degree steering lock means excellent maneuverability in traffic.
  • Extremely light YZF-R6-type five-spoke wheels keep unsprung weight low for improved suspension action and handling, acceleration and deceleration.
  • Thick dual seat offers exceptional solo or two-up comfort; passenger grab rails and bungee attachment points.

Additional Features:

  • Upright, comfortable riding position with great weather protection. Light, effortless handling for urban use, comfortable long-distance cruising, and serious sport riding too.
  • LCD two-color instrument display with integrated bar-type tachometer on the left, and numerical speedometer in the center—also two tripmeters, clock, fuel, intake air temperature and water temperature gauges, and usual indicator lights.
  • 120/70-ZR17 and 180/55-ZR17 radial tires complement the FZ6’s modern look, and its increased torque and great handling fully exploit the superb grip they provide.
  • Large windscreen provides good protection and minimal noise; anti-reversion panels on each side of the fairing reduce turbulence.
  • Dual 12V 60/55-watt multireflector headlight gives a sleek, R1-type profile for superb aerodynamics and visibility.
  • Completely unique, CAD-drawn fuel tank meets the needs of style, handlebar clearance and tactile feel in one beautiful package crafted from high-stretch titanium-rich alloy.
  • Sporty, taillight design reduces both weight and size while providing excellent visibility.
    Centerstand for easier maintenance.
  • Standard toolkit and U-lock storage under the seat. 
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