• 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300

    2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Engine
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star Instruments
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star Belt Final Drive
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Instruments
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Engine
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer Seat, Passenger Backrest and Saddlebags
  • 2008 Honda VTX1300R
  • 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic
  • 2000 Yamaha V Star 1100

All things in moderation, nothing in excess. That’s the idea behind the V Star 1300. At the heart of it beats a fuel-injected 80-cube engine, surrounded by a chassis built to handle. Finished off with a little streamlined style and plenty of Star quality engineering.

  • 2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Liquid-cooled V-twin; SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Transmission:
    5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
  • Energy:
    Fuel Injection
  • Displacement:
    1304cc L
  • Top Speed:
    120 mph
  • Price:



Yamaha has taken the traditional cruiser into a bold new territory with the eye catching V Star 1300. Traditional yet modern, classic yet avant-garde. From the throaty exhaust note to the pulse feel of the fuel injected V-twin engine, the V Star 1300 offers something that Yamaha calls “sensual performance” The perfect blend of soul stirring power, handling and comfort highlights the Man-Machine relationship which is so important to owner satisfaction.

Powered by a 1304cc, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, V-twin powerplant, the V Star 1300 boasts class-leading performance, handling and comfort. This generation “wild streamline styling” is sure to turn more than a few heads.


2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
- image 215759
2000 Yamaha V Star 1100

In 1998 Yamaha begins offering a Star middleweight model, V Star 650 Classic (the first V Star ever made) the machine which will lead, almost a decade later, to the creation of a brand new model. But things didn’t evolve so rapidly and surprisingly because Yamaha first presented the V Star 1100, the bike that would provide the powerful legacy behind the 1300 model which also replaced it.

The year 2007 saw the introduction of an all-new expression of concentrated Star Power. This time, displacement increased so riders could enjoy 80 cubic inches of brand new V-twin pulse. Yes, you know it and you most likely love it. It’s the brand new Yamaha V Star 1300.

Presented as an authentic cruiser, it features belt drive and steel fender, which open up the customization possibilities even further.

As you can imagine, this midsize modern classic hasn’t changed at all but we can notice the Red, Galaxy Blue, Candy Red color options for 2007 and Raven, Liquid Silver, Candy Red/Black Cherry for 2008.


2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
- image 215754
2008 Honda VTX1300R

Competitors for the V Star 1300 are all about classic, old-school look. That sumps up the VTX1300R, whose “R” stands for retro, by the way. You’ll understand once you get an eyeful of this beauty, with its deeply valanced fenders, chrome-hooded headlight and timeless tank-mounted instruments. Then, of course, there’s the mighty 1312cc V-twin snarling its throaty growl throughout staggered dual exhaust. You don’t get more classic than this and I bet there’s no better competitor for our Yamaha.

The Honda is cheaper but it is well worth taking in consideration the 2008 Suzuki Boulevard C90 Black. This bike captures all the kinetic energy of a crowded boulevard on a hot August night. Right at the head of its lineup, the Boulevard C90 is the baddest cruiser on the block. With its long-stroke, 45-degree V-twin powerplant, this bike cranks out monstrous amounts of torque, which you can tap into for a raw rush of acceleration in any gear. The Boulevard C90 is equally at home on the wide-open highway. That’s where you can kick back and enjoy its wonderfully spacious riding position, which lets you and your passenger stretch out and ride in comfort all day long. Also featuring bold styling, lustrous paint and sparkling chrome, this is one classic cruiser that’s bound to capture attention, whether you’re cruising down the boulevard or kicking back at a rest stop.

One of Kawasaki’s best-selling cruisers, the Vulcan 1500 Classic owes this success to a big-bore V-twin engine wrapped in ageless styling that serves as a great starting point for a uniquely customized motorcycle. Riders can access an extensive line of Kawasaki accessories to create a distinctive motorcycle that will not only run with the best, but also serve as its owner’s signature.

2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
- image 215755
2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic


2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
- image 215716
2008 Yamaha V Star 1300

Classic look is what the Yamaha V Star 1300 is all about. Since its introduction in 2007, it featured neo-streamline design, which had an important role in this bike’s initiation and huge success. Also including a seamless gas tank and two-into-one exhaust, the V Star 1300 receives the distinctive Star look that sells like nothing else.

Even though the bike retains the classic features that I talk about, it also makes sure to modernize the lines and result into a lighter, sportier, hot-rod inspired ride.

The seven-spoke cast-aluminum wheels look similar to the ones found on the Stratoliner (at least that’s the idea) and the finishing touches are spotless.

Paint quality is worthy of the name Star and Yamaha also added chrome and detailing vie attention wherever you look. What you see is what you get when it comes to Yamahas so the fenders are made out of steel, not plastic.

As I was saying, retro styling blends with modern touches so the bar-mounted instrumentation contains analog speedometer along with LCD display; indicator lights for high beam, turn signal, low oil pressure, low fuel, coolant temperature, neutral and engine diagnostic functions.

If you are willing to find a bike that says “Bad Boy” and still implements those desired modern features that I mentioned about, the V Star 1300 is the best choice for you.

Test Drive

2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
- image 215736
2008 Yamaha V Star 1300

Almost each time I face a cruising machine, the parking lot seems to be the biggest worry. But this is not the case with this Star because although its manufacturer made it large and solid, a single leg push is needed to demonstrate how keeping the center of gravity low influences this task in a positive way. Also, the low center of gravity results into an easy to maneuver cruiser, especially in the parking lot.

While maneuvering it slowly, you will notice a healthy and deep exhaust note, which is due to a large-diameter muffler outlet. The clutch is very easy to operate and it eases the task when it comes to quick engages and disengages but what I don’t like is how the already wide-turning radius is decreased when your knees are trapped against the fuel tank and handlebars. This would be the disadvantage in parking lot utilizing.

Riding around town is an absolute joy as the 1300cc engine is very responsive to throttle inputs and the transmission is smooth, resulting in slick shifting in collaboration to the clutch. Fuel injection proves efficient and very adequate for the liquid-cooled V-twin but what I most appreciate is the counterbalancer’s effect of reducing vibrations close to zero. I had also ridden the V Star outside town where the engine proved to pull strongly in the mid-range and maintaining that rhythm until the top-end. In this excellent rush I didn’t detect any bothering vibrations so Star knows how to keep it comfy and enjoyable.

The engine is ideal for long-distance cruising but it is also able to provide strong power for passing over even in fifth gear. This is what makes it so great: the fact that it has sufficient low-end pull for cruising down the boulevard and more than enough high-end grunt out on the freeway.

On twisty roads, it becomes the ideal machine as it corners easily and crisply responses to steering input. This is partly due to the suspensions which can be comfy when needed and very reassuring in other conditions. Personally, I felt comfortably accommodated and no bump managed to disturb the feel of freedom that I experienced while riding this mechanical horse. The advantage was that the ride never felt soft and bumps are easily absorbed.

Leaning over is very permissive and that is due to good ground clearance. The floorboards can’t be touched with ease and this makes it quite a ride.

I wouldn’t say that the brakes are the best equipment found on this 2008 V Star 1300 but they get the job done properly and seem to work efficient in emergency situations. I would expected a more powerful braking feel but as long as the job gets done, why bother?

This cruiser offers excellent overall riding feel and it is an easy to use piece of machinery both in and out of town with the best of comfort and a friendly character. It is an excellent choice and it properly feels the gap between the Road Star and its little brother the V Star 1100.


The 2008 model year is offered together with three color options which can influence the already advantageous price tag. Raven and Liquid Silver will require $10,090 while the Candy Red/Black Cherry deeps deeper in your pocket and extracts $200 more. Either way this is a true quality product based on Star engineering and it is worth every penny.


I enjoyed presenting you this relatively new expression of concentrated Star Power – with V-twin torque to burn – wrapped in an excellent chassis, and finished off with a little neo-streamlined style and plenty of Star quality engineering.

What I most appreciate now that I have to draw the line, is the 80-cubic-inch liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin producing broad, meaty power. That is mostly due to a computer-controlled twin-barrel fuel injection which practically brings all the fun involved.



Engine and Transmission

Displacement: 80-cubic-inch (1304cc)
Type: Liquid-cooled V-twin; SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke: 100.0 mm x 83.0 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Fuel Delivery: FI
Ignition: TCI
Transmission: 5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
Final Drive: Belt

Chassis and Dimensions

Frame: Double Cradle
Suspension/Front: Telescopic fork; 5.3-in travel
Suspension/Rear: Single Shock; 4.3-in travel
Brakes/Front: Dual hydraulic disc, 298mm
Brakes/Rear: Hydraulic disc, 298mm
Tires/Front: 130/90-16M/C 67H
Tires/Rear: 170/70B-16M/C 75H
Wheels: 7-spoke cast
Length: 98.0 in
Width: 38.6 in
Height: 43.9 in
Seat Height: 28.1 in
Wheelbase: 66.5 in
Dry Weight: 624 lb
Fuel Capacity: 4.9 gal


Warranty: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

Color: Raven; Liquid Silver; Candy Red/Black Cherry



Key Features:

  • Midsize Star brings classic modern styling along for a lighter, sportier, hot-rod-inspired ride.

  • 80-cubic-inch (1304cc) liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin produces excellent power across the board along with a highly stimulating exhaust note.

  • Neo-streamline design, including a seamless gas tank and two-into-one exhaust, gives the V Star 1300 that distinctive Star look.

  • Steel chassis gets 48 percent of the bike’s weight on the front tire, for quick, light handling and maneuverability.

  • Authentic cruiser features such as belt drive and steel fenders open up the customization possibilities even further.


    2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
- image 215732
    2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Engine
  • 80-cubic-inch (1304cc) liquid-cooled, single overhead cam 60-degree V-twin with dual counterbalancers offers plenty of smooth performance.

  • Computer-controlled twin-barrel fuel injection provides optimal mixture whatever the temperature or altitude.

  • Four valves per cylinder (36mm intake, 32mm exhaust) provide optimum combustion efficiency; roller rocker arms reduce friction for better performance and reduced wear.

  • Chromed cylinder sleeves contain 100mm forged pistons for excellent durability and longevity.

  • 9.5:1 compression ratio and aggressive cam timing produce plenty of power across the board and a distinctive exhaust note.

  • Forged connecting rods ride a single crankpin for true V-twin sound and power.

  • Smooth-shifting five-speed transmission feeds power to an efficient, low-maintenance belt drive.

  • Sly cooling system routes liquid through hidden houses and internal engine passages for air-cooled looks and liquid-cooled performance. Oil filter is easy to get to but also tucked nearly out of sight for clean, pure looks.

  • Hydraulic cam chain tensioner reduces noise and maintenance.

  • New AC generator and increased voltage regulator capacity optimizes performance.


  • All-new steel cradle frame has four solid engine mounts – including one atop the front cylinder head - for maximum rigidity and excellent handling.

  • Stylish, braced steel swingarm and rear wheel are controlled by a single linkage-mounted shock absorber, adjustable for spring preload.

  • 41mm fork tubes with stainless cover look great and serve up a smooth, controlled ride.

  • A thick, chromed handlebar rides in painted clamps for a custom look.

  • Seamless fuel tank carries 4.9 gallons of fuel. Mounting the fuel pump in a separate, tucked-away sub-tank allows the thin tank design.

  • Seven-spoke cast wheels and matching rear pulley mount fat, 16-inch tires for a cool period look albeit with big contact patches on the road.

  • A pair of 298mm front brake discs provide excellent power and feel.

  • Strong, light and virtually maintenance-free belt final drive routes power smoothly ad efficiently to the rear wheel.

  • Floating floorboards and an adjustable heel/toe shifter help provide a comfortable, low-effort ride.

    Additional Features:

  • Star quality paint, chrome and detailing vie for attention wherever you look; fenders are steel not plastic.

  • Retro-modern bar-mounted instrumentation contains analog speedometer along with LCD display; indicator lights for high beam, turn signal, low oil pressure, low fuel, coolant temperature, neutral – and engine diagnostic function.

  • Rider floorboards for comfort and room; heel/toe shifter makes moving through the five-speed gearbox a snap.

  • Bright multi-reflector headlight, LED taillight and amber turn signals behind clear lenses give a custom look.

  • Oxygen sensor and three-way catalyst reduce emissions.

    Models Available


    Yamaha V Star 1300

    This simple version is also known as the Classic model which generally makes a first entry and than the bike becomes popular in all its versions. This is also how things work when it comes to the V Star only that the manufacturer didn’t wait at all before it introduced a model which would enlarge the rider’s horizon.

    Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer

    2008 Yamaha V Star 1300
- image 215717
    2008 Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer

    Add leather-wrapped sidebags, windshield and passenger backrest in order to give the V Star 1300 Tourer even more wide open possibilities. The 80-cubic-inch fuel injected V-twin and belt final drive are good to go just about anywhere.

    Like most of Yamaha’s cruisers, the V Star 1300 has a “casual touring” stablemate. The Tourer version of the V Star 1300 has all the same great features plus a windshield, locking saddlebags and passenger backrest. These value added items are sure to have the miles rolling by in style and comfort.


    Those precious additional features have an effect on the price also and the color and price vary as well. For the Black Cherry and Seashell versions, the MSRP will reach $11,190, while the Cerulean Silver/Charcoal Silver will get a little more expensive ($200 to be more precise).

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