• 2010 Yamaha FZ1

    2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1

Yamaha has adopted a rather cautious strategy for 2010 and the FZ1 is definitely one of their sports motorcycles to show that very clearly as it comes with revised ECU mapping and new colors. Yet, they plan on successfully selling it for being “an upright R1” and that couldn’t recommend this model more.

  • 2010 Yamaha FZ1
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder; DOHC, 20 valves
  • Transmission:
    6-speed w/multiplate clutch
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    150 hp @ 11,000 rpm
  • Torque @ RPM:
    106.0 Nm @ 8,000 rpm
  • Energy:
    Fuel injection
  • Displacement:
    998 L
  • Top Speed:
    170 mph
  • Price:



The fact is that Yamaha has barely finished bringing the 2009 FZ1 up to date with all of the ideas that they had regarding it. So no more than a year ago, we witnessed the introduction of what Yamaha likes to call their “ultimate street brawler,” a machine powered by a 998cc, liquid-cooled, inline-four; DOHC, 20 valves engine, pretty much the same one that you’ll find on the previous YZF-R1 generation. Fuel injection has seen its way on the FZ1 ever since 2006, but the big news a year ago was the aluminum frame designed specially for the bike that turned out a little more versatile that we ever expected it to be.

2010 Yamaha FZ1
- image 328091
2010 Yamaha FZ1

Yamaha calls this a supersport motorcycle and with 150 hp at 11,000 rpm and 106.0 Nm at 8,000 rpm, we won’t bother contradicting them, especially being aware of the blast that this thing can be in the hands of riders who have long exceeded the ghost rider phase of their riding trajectory and feel like riding a comfortable and still very powerful motorcycle that can prove both efficient when commuting and relaxing when touring with the always present comfort of knowing that the front wheel is touching the ground only because you want it to.

The 2010 Yamaha FZ1 comes to perfect its reputation with better throttle response in the low to mid-rpm range as a result of the revised ECU mapping. This should make power delivery more linear and, overall, the bike more predictable and user-friendly. Still, the FZ1 isn’t what I would call a starter’s bike because of its R1 genes.



Although not yet a 2010 model year, the Suzuki Bandit 1250S is FZ1’s fiercest competitor. That’s mainly because of the 1255cc inline-four engine designed for torque, which allows riders to get a rush each and every time they open up the throttle regardless of the gear they’re in. The Suzuki’s seat is more comfortable than that of the Yamaha, but the riding position doesn’t differ much from one bike to another. This thing can also be said when talking about wind protection.

I’ve come to find that riders with a much more serious background go for the biggest Bandit (mostly because Suzuki also offers an ABS model), while those seeking pure performance are FZ1 buyers, but that’s certainly not a rule, just something I noticed.

With the 2010 GSX1250FA, Suzuki offers a much sportier approach towards the same biking idea and drifts slightly away from the FZ1, which has also flirted with a full fairing in the past years.

The 2010 Z1000 is a half-fairing away from turning into a redoubtable opponent for the Yamaha FZ1 and Suzuki Bandit 1250S, but Kawasaki concentrates on turning this model into the meanest Japanese streetfighter out there and this positions the bike next to the naked FZ1 on the European market.

Speaking of European bikes, the Ducati Multistrada can be the choice of those who aren’t that much into performance, but definitely into comfort, refinement and even feel the need to leave the asphalt behind from time to time.


2010 Yamaha FZ1
- image 328094
2010 Yamaha FZ1

But one thing’s for sure: the 2010 Yamaha FZ1 would rather choose the track than get its tires dirty and the bike’s entire bodywork shows it. It does look like “an upright R1,” meaning that it appears as an aggressive two-wheeler from whatever side you’re watching it. You get that sharp FZ1 nose, but the bike’s face is actually dominated by the big headlights and decently-sized screen. Nothing has been redesigned for 2010, so the seat is as sporty as ever (not necessarily an advantage if we consider that people do ride hundreds of miles per day on these things) and the 4.75 gallons fuel tank is as curvey as always.

2010 Yamaha FZ1
- image 328093
2010 Yamaha FZ1

We like how the radiator and all the blacked-out mechanical parts look on the FZ1, but also the FZ6-style frame housing the source of all fun and excitement. That is mainly because of the Raven and Candy Red colors available for 2010 and the fact that these are furthermore stood out by the gold wheels and fork arms. Am I wrong in saying that this is the first time Yamaha doesn’t offer a Blue color for the FZ1?

Press Reviews

"You just can’t argue with the R1-based engine and how light the Yamaha is—although the Kawasaki and Suzuki do an admirable job trying. Now that Yamaha has upped the ante with a recent-generation motor though, I can’t stop thinking that someone has to step in with a stiff chassis and inverted fork soon. Hmm, project FZR1, maybe?" – sportrider

"The fuel-injected motor runs so smooth from top to bottom that it was almost possible to stick the Fazer in second and ride it like a high-speed scooter on the track. Chugging smoothly thru low-speed corners then twisting the throttle and calling in some of those 130 ponies for a jaunt on the straights will keep a kid grinning big time." – motorcycle-usa

"The FZ1 doesn’t provide the grunt off idle that you get from a V-twin cruiser, for example, or even from some of the liter-size, multi-cylinder competition. But the power builds predictably and smoothly, and above 8,000 rpm, the bike really pulls hard all the way to the 12,000 rpm redline." – amadirectlink

"But no: Overly stiff suspension and horrible fueling manners made the bike an unpleasant handful. Just riding the thing smoothly was a challenge. Yet for some strange reason-Pity? Stupidity? Early onset Alzheimer’s?-I adopted it as my long-term testbike." – motorcyclistonline

"What you get with the Yamaha FZ1/FZS1000 is the awesome 2002 R1 engine in a more practical but still high-spec chassis. The Japanese firm class the Yamaha Fazer 1000 as a sports motorcycle and they’re right – but it has the ability of a sports tourer and a city motorcycle, too" – MCN


Considering the MSRP which starts at $10,290, 2010 is the first year when Yamaha sells the FZ1 for more than $10 grand.


2010 Yamaha FZ1
- image 328090
2010 Yamaha FZ1

The Yamaha FZ1 was originally designed to suit the high demands of riders who would rather take a supersports motorcycle across the state, but simply couldn’t comply with the aggressive riding position and the 2010 model year is all about that, only that at the level at which the motorcycle industry is now situated.



Engine and Transmission

2010 Yamaha FZ1
- image 328088
2010 Yamaha FZ1


  • Type: 998cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder; DOHC, 20 valves
  • Bore x Stroke: 77 x 53.6mm
  • Compression Ratio: 11.5:1
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel injection
  • Ignition: Digital TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition with 32-bit ECU
  • Transmission: 6-speed w/multiplate clutch
  • Final Drive: O-ring chain


Chassis and Dimensions

2010 Yamaha FZ1
- image 328096
2010 Yamaha FZ1


  • Suspension/Front: 43mm fork; fully adjustable, 5.1-in travel
  • Suspension/Rear: Single shock; adjustable preload and rebound damping, 5.1-in travel
  • Brakes/Front: Dual 320mm floating discs w/4-piston calipers
  • Brakes/Rear: 245mm disc w/single-piston caliper
  • Tires/Front: 120/70-ZR17
  • Tires/Rear: 190/50-ZR17
  • Length: 84.3 in
  • Width: 30.3 in
  • Height: 47.4 in
  • Seat Height: 32.1 in
  • Wheelbase: 57.5 in
  • Ground Clearance: 5.5 in
  • Rake (Caster Angle): 25.0°
  • Trail: 4.3 in
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.76 gal
  • Fuel Economy: 35 mpg
  • Wet Weight: 487 lb




  • Warranty: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)


Features & Benefits

2010 Yamaha FZ1
- image 328098
2010 Yamaha FZ1


New for 2010:


  • The ECU mapping has been revised to achieve improved throttle response in the low to mid-rpm range.


Key Features:


  • Our ultimate street brawler brings 998cc of fuel-injected power to the fray, in a light-and-strong aluminum frame.
  • Sculpted bodywork and a comfortable handlebar position for great looks and rider comfort.
  • Adjustable suspension lets the FZ1 be dialed in for a wide range of uses—everything from urban assault to sport touring.




  • Compact design, 998cc DOHC 20-valve engine is tuned for tremendous mid-range punch and massive top-end power.
  • Fuel injection with computer-controlled sub-throttle valves provides precise fuel/air mixture for superb power delivery across the entire rev range.
  • Closed-deck cylinder block provides great strength while allowing a narrow engine in spite of big, 77mm bores.
  • Narrow-angle five-valve combustion chambers produce a highly efficient 11.5:1 compression ratio.
  • Carburized connecting rods with fracture split big ends produce a quick-revving engine with excellent high-rpm durability.
  • High silicon-content ceramic-composite cylinder lining reduces friction and maximizes heat dissipation for consistent power delivery.
  • Four-into two-into one short-style exhaust system with Exhaust Ultimate Power valve (EXUP®), a stainless catalizer and oxygen sensor. Delivers outstanding power throughout the FZ1’s broad rpm range while meeting all emissions regulations.
  • Race-inspired curved radiator with twin ring-style fans keeps everything cool under all conditions.




  • Aggressive chassis geometry with Supersport inspired 51 percent front wheel weight bias. Provides quick and nimble handling.
  • Short 4.76-gallon fuel tanks allows the rider to move into a forward position. Rider forward ergonomics move the rider into a position of great control.
  • Cast aluminum frame uses the engine as a stressed member. Allows for optimal rigidity, light weight and superb handling.
  • Stressed-engine design holds the engine in place with six mounts, for excellent vertical stiffness and handling.
  • Controlled-Fill (CF) aluminum swingarm. Lightweight and tuned for excellent handling and tire grip; looks great, too.
  • Fully adjustable 43mm inverted fork and a single shock with adjustable preload and rebound damping. Tunable for sport touring or track days.
  • 320mm front discs squeezed by monoblock four-piston calipers up front and a single 245mm rear disc serve up strong and consistent stopping power.
  • Removable subframe for easy maintenance and detachable passenger footpegs for even more stripped-down style.
  • Light, five-spoke wheels and fat radial tires, including a 190/50-ZR17 rear, complete the look and serve up the traction.


Additional Features:


  • Half-cowl fairing design features aggressive eye-catching naked bike profile.
  • High-tech instrument display features analog tachometer, digital speedometer, dual trip meter with miles on reserve function, odometer, water temperature and lights for neutral, high beam, low fuel and turn signals—also a fade-in lighting feature with adjustable brightness.
  • Two-piece seat serves up great comfort.
  • Passenger grabrails provide passenger comfort while maintaining an aggressive appearance.
  • Durable O-ring-sealed drive chain provides longer chain life.
  • Dual 12V 60/55-watt multireflector headlight features a sleek, profile for superb aerodynamics and visibility.
  • Standard toolkit located in convenient storage compartment under passenger seat.
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  (359) posted on 09.29.2010

Yamaha and Fiat have long ties in racing so this cross branding actually makes sense. This is a good way to celebrate Mr. Rossi’s recent GP season as well.

  (570) posted on 08.10.2010

Unfortunately we don’t even get the standard FZ-1 here, all we get is the feared Fazer version. The pic shows a naked version of the bike so no-go on that, not to mention that Abarth isn’t a name known well here. Make it with a Shelby badge and it would be a different story...

  (406) posted on 07.27.2010

FZ1 has been fined-tuned to real world amazing performance.

Rod  (825) posted on 10.23.2009

I always liked this model it would great for everyday used.

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