The Concept of the Supertech revolves around it’s complex inner protective structure, bringing protection and support significantly closer to the body.

Rather than utilize the traditional single hinge boot system, which was found to put excessive strain on the rider’s knee. Alpinestars has developed a patented double-hindged assembly for the Supertech. The double hinge joint allows upper and lower protective structures to protect the ankle and heel.

Moreover, with no true constraint until the point of overextension, the double hinge joint optimizes flexibility and feel by following the natural movements of the rider’s foot and ankle. The system also minimizes the chances of sprains and twists, protecting the ankle from lateral impacts.

Created, researched and developed to be extremely strong, stable and lightweight, the Supertech oozes performance and comfort. The internal structure of the Supertech also boasts Kevlar® speed laces, allowing a precise and secure fit, which protects the shin, ankles, heel, toes as well as the external side of the foot.

Sensitive areas of the foot and ankle are surrounded by a combination of GEL and ergonomically designed closed cell padding. A highly breathable lining reduces perspiration and the build up of heat.

Colors Available: Black, White (Vented), Red, Blue, Camo 
Produced Sizes: (US)3.5-12.5 / (EUR)36-48
Price: +- $350

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