Anyone who has endured a motorcycle ride in the biting cold of winter will understand the importance of a good thermal layer beneath everyday protective gear. BMW Motorrad also understands this need and has developed a leading range of undergarments that offer protection against cold temperatures, making riding enjoyable all year round.

The 2007 BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment collection has two thermal suits for riders to choose from – the Thermo Functional underwear and the PhaseChange undersuit. Both two-piece suits incorporate a number of features that are essential in thermal undergarments, including extra protection in core areas, and flat seams to ensure a comfortable fit beneath motorcycle clothing.

Even if the temperature outside doesn’t feel too cold, when the bike picks up speed and the effects of wind-chill kick in, thermal clothing can mean the difference between giving up and heading home and an extra hour out on the open road. The functional fibres of the BMW Motorrad Thermo underwear act to wick perspiration away from the body, again preventing chill and resulting in a warm and comfortable ride.

For those days in the depths of winter when serious insulation is needed, riders should opt for the technologically advanced PhaseChange undersuit. The suit is constructed from a special material developed by space scientists called schoeller PCM. This consists of microcapsules of Paraffin that react to changes in body and ambient temperatures. The capsules are capable of storing the rider’s body heat and releasing it in measured quantities when the outside temperature changes. This enables the rider to sustain a constantly comfortable body temperature, regardless of changes in the weather conditions.

The PhaseChange technology begins to work as soon as the rider puts the suit on and keeps working until it is removed. This means the jacket can be worn off the motorcycle and the rider’s internal body heat will remain the same – whether on the bike, in the house or in-between! The two-piece suit is also ideal for use during other outdoor pursuits such as skiing and hiking.

The PhaseChange suit comes in a black and grey design in unisex sizes S-XXL and costs £70($137) for the trousers and £60($118) for the jacket. The Thermo Functional underwear comes in black with a BMW Motorrad logo on the front and is available in unisex sizes S-XXL. The suit is priced at £35($68) for the shirt and £35($68) for the trousers.

To complement the two thermal underwear options, BMW Motorrad also offers various other items to protect the rider against adverse weather conditions. These include the waterproof RainLock oversuit, the AirVantage waistcoat and the Neck Warmer.

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