• Zoombak Universal GPS locator: the best device to track your bike

    Zoombak Universal GPS locator

Zoombak is launching another package for its convenient little Zoombak GPS locator device for all those in need of a convenient, easy-to-use, real-time solution to locate and recover their missing bikes. The new universal carrying case is designed to let you mount the device to just about anything else you’d care to track.

Here’s the press release:

Zoombak LLC (www.zoombak.com) announced its plans to debut its Zoombak Universal GPS locator at RetailVision 2008, the leading technology event for consumer retailers. Zoombak is participating in RetailVision, held April 14-17 in Orlando, FL, to demonstrate its new Advanced GPS locator solutions and continue its aggressive retailer rollout program which includes Circuit City, Petsmart, BestBuy.com, and Amazon.com.

Zoombak’s affordable and easy-to-use GPS locators provide users with advanced location technology and peace of mind. The newest addition to Zoombak’s expanding product portfolio is the Zoombak Universal Locator. Zoombak harnesses the power of GPS and cellular technology to provide the latest in “personal locator” technology and allow consumers to quickly and accurately locate anything of importance. Zoombak, small enough to be placed in a backpack, briefcase, or pocketbook or attached to a bicycle or golf bag, provides accurate real-time location information to users via the web, email or text messages.

“Zoombak was launched in December 2007 and is quickly redefining the market for personal, advanced GPS technology by becoming an integral part of a user’s everyday life,” said Zoombak’s CEO Simon Buckingham. “Based on positive consumer and retailer feedback on our auto and pet locators, we are confident in the tremendous potential of our Universal locator as a tool to help people stay connected to so many things of importance.”

Zoombak, currently shipping to stores nationwide, is designed for broad consumer adoption and is the ideal solution for retailers looking to broaden their consumer electronics and GPS-based product portfolio beyond Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs). Zoombak’s advanced GPS auto and pet locators start at $199 plus a low cost monthly service plan, and are available at PetSmart, Circuit City.com, Amazon.com, BestBuy.com and J&R. Zoombak will hit Circuit City shelves in May.

“RetailVision presents us with an extraordinary opportunity to unveil our Universal locator product and personally meet with many leading retailers,”
said Peter Muldoon, vice president of retail sales for Zoombak. “Zoombak’s Universal locator is an important addition to our product portfolio, one that will appeal to a wide range of retailers and consumers due to its affordable price, small form factor and advanced real-time location and notification capabilities.”

Zoombak: The Most Advanced On-Demand Locator Technology

Zoombak’s Advanced GPS locators are compact and light, weighing only 2.5 ounces, and offer consumers the fastest and most accurate location technology commercially available. With Zoombak’s interactive website, users set up custom safety zones around virtually any location including homes, parks, malls and schools. Once activated, if the device crosses a virtual boundary, the owner will receive a text message or email promptly alerting them to the location of the device. Consumers can also locate their device by logging into Zoombak.com, sending a text from their mobile phone (coming soon), or contacting Zoombak’s live 24x7 customer care location support. With Zoombak, there are no hidden fees for activation or limits on the number of on-demand location requests.

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