Some of Arai’s helmet designs over the years have been so innovative that they’ve actually been exhibited in art museums. One look at the hybrid XD and it’s easy to understand why. XD means "Crossover Design" because it covers a number of uses: Adventure street/dirt touring on bikes like the 1150GS, V-Strom, Tiger, Capo Nord, and Multistrada; dual sporting; naked bikes; Super Moto; you name it. Visually, the Arai XD looks like a dirt helmet, with its peak, protruding chin bar, and the opening for goggles.

But the XD adds a faceshield in the opening. And it slides up under the peak, unless you choose to remove it, which you can, and use goggles, until you’re ready to switch back to the faceshield again. Arai has created what it calls a twin-cam shield pivot system that enables the shield to operate fully beneath the mounted peak. The shield stays low when raised, allowing the peak to be mounted lower, resulting in better aerodynamics and a better appearance.

The shield system is also designed to allow the shield to be used alone without the peak, or as said, with the peak and no shield as desired. Additionally, a front lower spoiler integrated into the edge trim minimizes wind resistance. The interior head liner comfort padding and cheek pads are completely removable and washable. As with Arai’s other removable liners and cheek pads, optional sizes are available for a more personal, customized fit.

The neck-roll pad designed to both provide more comfort and to help reduce wind noise. The ventilation system uses Arai’s dual front I/C intake ducts to provide a more directed flow of fresh air around the top of the head. Air intake is further enhanced by the peak channeling air directly into the front vents. The "Double Delta" DDL-2 bridged rear exhaust ducts to draw "a significant volume of hot air and moisture" from inside the helmet.

The mouth vent system can either provide fresh air around the mouth area, or the air can be directed upward along the interior surface of the faceshield to help prevent fogging. There are vent controls both inside and outside the chinvent. Additionally, left and right side lower exhaust vents draw out more hot air from inside the helmet.


  • White, Black - 485.95$
  • Alum Silver, Alum Grey - 495.95$
  • Muotard - 505.95$
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