Arai’s Quantum-2 is the best-selling helmet in the Arai line - for at least nine major reasons, not even counting its superb comfort and fit. The Q-2 features nine major upgrades and changes over the previous Quantum model.

Outside, the Quantum-2 has Arai’s SCLC (SUPER COMPLEX LAMINATE CONSTRUCTION) SHELL, the same special lightweight shell formerly reserved for the RX-7 racing series, plus Arai’s groundbreaking “ORGANIC” SHELL SHAPE, designed to be both more natural looking and to enhance the helmet’s ability to cut through the wind more cleanly, thereby reducing buffeting and making it more “still” in turbulence than previous models.

The intake and exhaust VENTS ARE RECESSED INTO THE SHELL to improve airflow, reduce wind noise, and give the helmet a cleaner look. The TD top-vent design has larger 10mm holes to move more air than the previous 7.8mm holes. The SLIM, SLEEK SAJ FACESHIELD SIDEPODS are the same ones used on the RX-7 Corsair model, as is Arai’s PATENTED DUAL-PIVOT CHINVENT DESIGN whose easy-to-operate vent increases airflow capacity in two positions: the first position sends aidirectly to face; the second directs air to the shield for improved de-fogging. The chinvent also features an ACTIVATED CARBON-COATED FOAM FILTER.

Inside, the Quantum-2’s main feature is its WASHABLE, FULLY-REMOVABLE LINER. It also has a REDESIGNED COMFORT LINER which Arai says “pays increased attention to comfort by repositioning and adding interior padding, providing a level of comfort that could previously only be found in a full, non-removable liner”. New, REMOVABLE CHINSTRAP COVERS that allow dirty covers to be easily removed for cleaning and damaged covers to be replaced easily, and a NEW BREATHGUARD DESIGN also borrowed from the Corsair, complete the interior changes.

Quantum-2 sizes start as small as XXXS and go up to XXL.


  • White, Pearl Black - 475.95$
  • Al. Silver, Al. Grey, Frosts, Touring, Sport - 486.95$
  • Multi Color Graphics - 555.95$
  • Racer Replicas - 584.95$
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