In a world dominated by clone helmets and price-conscious buyers, you gotta admire a company that builds a great product and charges what it’s worth ... It’s the Rolls-Royce of helmets.

The VX-PRO (DC) represents the addition last year of ARAI’S innovative “dry-cool” fully-removable, washable liner material to the VX-PRO series.

Introduced a few years again on our top-of-the-line RX-7 Corsair full-face street model, the Dry-Cool® liner - differentiated from others by its rich color and perforated satin feel - actually utilizes micro water cells to improve moisture and heat transfer from the head into the airflow around Arai’s innovative, floating SPACE FRAME LINER. The result is that your head stays dryer and cooler at the end of a long ride or race (hence the name). Dry-Cool also allows the liner to dry much faster between uses.

Other features on the VX-PRO (DC) include removable/washable chinstrap covers, a redesigned chinbar-vent intakes to increase airflow to the rider, a claseable gate behind the center vent for extreme conditions, and a washable foam filter to trap dust that can infiltrate the vents and get into the rider’s mouth. The helmet retains Arai’s highly-original hypershark peak design and DELTA-5 PRESSURIZED, adjustable ventilation system. Not to mention the stunningly comfortable handmade quality, and full five years limited Warranty.

“The VX-PRO has to be considered one of the very best off-road helmets in the world ... it’s light, cool and comfortable ... No one disputes that the VX’s type of construction is as safe as can be found. “


  • White - 444.95$
  • Aluminium-Silver - 455.95$
  • Racer Replicas - 544.95$
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