KBCs top of the range Professional Racing Helmet. Designed specifically for Ultra high performance race use. The Mirage (VR2) is a totally race specific product. KBC believe a truly race specific helmet should be the minimum overall젨size and dimensions, with minimum projected extrusions which can interfere with the aerodynamic stability and helmet turbulence at Ultra high speeds. The helmet should be a smaller tighter closer fitment, when compared with normal street helmets, this allows the riders to "Tuck" under the screen, and allow fast and effective head turning over the shoulder with minimum head and neck strain.

The helmet should also have a wider peripheral vision to allow undisturbed vision when in race ’tuck’ position, hence a cut away forehead aspect.

Due to the speed associated with race helmets the requirement for high or large ventilation intakes (which cause noise and air resistance and increased turbulence) is much reduced due to the extra force of airspeed, therefore lower and less bulky air intakes are used, which also allow better aerodynamics and reduce air turbulence etc..

Interiors and Visors have to be quickly and easily removable and replaceable for fast in between race preparations.

The Mirage (VR2) features all of the above requirements and more. Using the lightest specification shell materials and the very latest manufacturing techniques, allows us to provide a helmet that meets or exceeds all major world wide safety standards.

The Mirage (VR2) features controllable air induction vents to the mouth area, which is re-directed to the inner visor surface and then pulled through out the lining and mixed with fresh air introduced through the two top air intake vent, air is channeled through a series of inner ducts throughout the EPS inner liner and then exhaled through rear exhausts in the shell and lining?

Comfort lining is a lightweight micro fibre developed specially to wick away moisture and provide and instantly cool and fresh feeling fabric to the wearer (no more wet or uncomfortable interior).

Features Overview:

  • Tri-Composite Aramid Epoxy Shell (Bag Moulded)
  • Reduced overall shell dimensions.
  • Aerodynamic shell stability styling
  • Racing Vision Aperture
  • New 2.2 mm ’OPCC’ Scratch resistant visor
  • New KBC Ultra Quick Removal Visor mechanism (No Tools)
  • New ’RIB’젨Visor Sealing Technique
  • Totally New fitment platform for ultimate wearer comfort
  • Totally new internal comfort lining design for comfort and noise reduction
  • New Controllable Air Ventilation and Cooling System
  • Meets or Exceeds All major worldwide safety standards and tests


  • Replica $279.95
  • Gunslinger $279.95
  • Legend $239.95
  • Solid Black $219.95
    • Matt Black $229.95
    • Smoke Chrome $239.95
    • Billet $239.95
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