Top of the range Sports Touring Helmet, designed specifically for long haul rides. Styled for maximum aerodynamic comfort from wind turbulence and wind noise. Fully balanced weight distribution and reduced physical dimensions to provide minimum neck strain and maximum long distance comfort. Features the new KBC Optically Perfect Complex Curve 2.2mm scratch resistant visor. And the completely new Ultra Quick Visor Release mechanism for instant visor removal (with no tools). The visor and its mechanism are designed specifically to interact with the aperture sealing extrusions to provide a perfect seal from wind noise, rain and wind disturbance. The visor itself features a unique sealing RIB which projects into the soft special rubber sealing trim. The Stealth-VR3 shell is made from specially selected high performance tri-composite aramid fibers and impact resistant epoxy resins. The Stealth (VR3) uses the latest bag moulded construction which provides ultra controllable shell integrity and totally consistant shell gauge along with precision accuracy which is essential to allow the correct alignment of such critical mechanisms as visor ratchet action and visor sealing performance.

The Stealth VR3s interior follows the usual high standard that KBC is becoming famous for in terms of interior comfort lining. The Stealth VR3 is one of a new brand of KBC helmets that have been engineered using a totally new ergonomic platform, which we believe to be one of the best fitting helmet internals available on any helmet available. This provides the rider with exceptional comfort and safety performance, providing the tightest and snuggest fit whilst allowing superb levels of rider comfort. Finished in high performance micro fiber which not only provides a cool and non allergenic contact with the skin, but also wicks away moisture build up providing the rider comfort in all weather conditions.

Rider comfort is also enhanced with a thoroughly designed and tested air ventilation and circulation system, featuring controllable frontal air intakes that re-direct air flow onto the inner visor surface, without disturbing the riders eyes or vision (like so many helmets). This air flow is then allowed to be directed into the inner helmet channels, assisted by the top air intake pod, which accelerates the air flow (Venturi Principle) thus pulling old air from the riders face area and channeling through internal air ducts machined into the inner EPS shell liner and distributing the used and stale air out of the helmets shell through rear air exhaust vents in the rear of the shell and rear lining.

Features Overview:

  • Tri-Composite Aramid Epoxy Shell (Bag moulded)
  • New 2.2 mm ’OPCC’ Scratch resistant visor
  • New KBC Ultra Quick Removal Visor mechanism (No Tools)
  • New ’RIB’ Visor Sealing Technique
  • Totally New fitment platform
  • Totally new internal comfort lining design for comfort and noise reduction
  • New Controllable Air Ventilation and Cooling System
  • Meets or Exceeds All major worldwide safety standards and tests


  • Strada $299.95
  • Fusion$279.95
  • Solid $249.95
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