The new Nolan N102 is the result of the experience gained with the N100 and N101, undisputed leaders on the market of flip-up full-face helmets. In terms of functionality and design, the Nolan N102 benefits from the knowledge acquired through the development and fine tuning of the two previous models. It is also the expression of the special attention Nolan pays to the ongoing functional and aesthetic improvement of its products, which has led to the creation of an even more elegant and aggressive helmet with a high standard of quality. The shell of the Nolan N102 features an aerodynamic design, intuitively controlled ventilation mechanisms provided with excellent grip so they are easy to operate even with gloves on, and a special rubber, trim placed around the edge of the chin guard that guarantees perfect adherence. The helmet is equipped with a removable and washable comfort padding with a neck roll so as to improve the comfort of the “touring” rider.

The visual look is enhanced by all the color-matched components.

N102 The Nolan N102 is characterized by the new DUAL ACTION opening system. Positioned in the centre of the chin guard, it can be opened with just one hand.

The opening system was designed to ensure ultimate practicality. The Dual Action mechanism prevents the chin guard from opening accidentally, thus granting maximum safety. With its new “streamlined” design, the chin guard offers more space in front of the rider’s face. The new N102 is also characterized by Nolan’s famous, highly valued details: Microlock retention system, Sanitized® treatment of the liner, Jet Stream Wing (JSW) ventilation system, Nolan Fog Resistant (NFR) system, Vision Protection System (VPS).


The Nolan N102 comes equipped with an innovative chin guard opening system that combines three different functions:

  • Chin guard rotation with elliptical trajectory, which minimizes the frontal area, in the open position, and prevents accidental closing;
  • Automatic visor return when opening the chin guard;
  • Visor mechanism: three open positions.


It is characterized by a frontal air intake, which is integrated with the JSW system and offers two open positions. It can easily be operated with just one hand, even when wearing gloves, thanks to its excellent grip.


Two independent openings easy to operate thanks to their excellent grip provide the lower ventilation.

Available Sizes: L-XXL

MSRP: $304.95

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  (6021) posted on 10.13.2006

Good description of the helmet’s features but how does the ventilation work. Does it actually ventilate or only suggest ventilation?

Would really like a modular helmet but am very hesitant. I have an Icon Alliance SS that doesn’t ventilate or defog worth a darn. It is quiet but I can’t wear it in summer as it is too hot. I just got glasses so need to move to a modular helmet. I just don’t know which one to buy.

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