• Shoei RJ-AIR Platinum

    Shoei RJ-AIR Platinum

When Shoei designed the RJ-AIR Platinum, it was all about "cruisin". There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration you feel when cruising down the open road with the wind in your face. It inspires a tremendous sense of freedom that takes you back to simpler times. Shoei designed the RJ-AIR Platinum so that you can revel in this freedom while enjoying the security, comfort and safety of a modern helmet.

The RJ-AIR Platinum - cruisin’ on the mind.


  • Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) Shell
  • Adjustable Top and Rear Vents
  • Removable Visor
  • Snaps for After Market Shields
  • Soft & Comfortable shock-Absorbent liner
  • 5 Year Warranty From Purchase Date. 7 Year Warranty From Helmet Manufacture Date.

Available Sizes: XS-xXL

MSRP: $384.99

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