An exceptionally long life is only part of the appeal of the multi-talented Azaro-ST. Aimed squarely at the sport touring market, it features excellent wet weather grip combined with the ‘feel’ you need to exploit its handling potential. Even when your bike is fully loaded the Azaro-ST remains stable and agile.


Azaro Sport Touring AV45-ST Azaro Sport Touring AV46-ST
  • 110/70R17
  • 110/80R17
  • 110/80R18
  • 110/80R19
  • 120/60R17
  • 120/70R17
  • 120/70R17 (B)
  • 120/70R18
  • 120/80R16
  • 130/70R16
  • 140/80R17
  • 150/70R17
  • 150/80R16
  • 160/60R17
  • 160/60R18
  • 160/70R17 rfcd
  • 170/60R17
  • 180/55R17
  • 180/55R17 (B)
  • 190/50R17
  • 190/50R17 (B)
  • 200/50R17
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