Customized limited edition. Feel the pleasure of riding a classic bike with this tire’s pattern and functional features. These are high performance tires with a superb balance of traditional pattern and advanced tire technology. Ideal for the rider seeking a combination of vintage looks for a classic bike and high grip performance.

Our own special compound born from the tire technology that created BATTLAX. Offers high grip performance and excellent durability.

Ridged rib pattern --- The center of the tread has a ridged rib pattern. The pattern continues around the sides of the tire, creating a traditional image and stylish mood.
Large block pattern --- The large block pattern on the tire shoulders gives high-grip performance and smooth handling. Performance in wet conditions is guaranteed by the circumferential group in the center and the lateral group on the shoulders.


Crown shape --- The tire’s crown shape ensures a stable contact area even with steep banking angles.

Optimized case rigidity --- Optimization of the rigidity of the case means better handling and stability.


  • AC01 Front
    • 2.50-18  
    • 3.50H18
    • 90/90-18
    • 3.50H19
  • AC02 Rear
    • 110/90-17
    • 2.50-18
    • 4.00H18
    • 110/90-18
  • AC03 Front
    • 100/90-18
    • 100/90-19
  • AC04 Rear
    • 130/80-18
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