• Bridgestone Battlax BT-014

    Bridgestone Battlax BT-014


  • Battlax BT-014 is a new ultra-high performance radial designed for the aggressive street rider.
  • Battlax BT-014 utilizes the latest technology from MotoGP tire development and innovations for outstanding performances in all conditions; better cornering performances, handling, high-speed stability, shock absorption, and wet performances.


Newly developed compound is one of the breakthrough technologies derived from Bridgestone Moto GP involvements. New chemical substances and formulas inspired by race R&D simultaneously solved the demands for higher grip and lighter handling.


Battlax BT-014 profiles were tuned by 3D CTDM simulation to achieve quick handling and strong cornering performances by securing the optimum contact pressures in all lean angles.


Bridgestone applied the newly patented High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord on Mono Spiral construction. The new material enhances cornering grip power, without sacrificing high high-speed stability and shock absorption.

Narrow Ply Construction

The revolutionary narrow ply construction gives superior cornering grip, optimum rigidity for quicker handling, and high speed straightway stability. This unique construction is used for the first time in Bridgestone Battlax BT-014. Patent pending.

Cap-and-Base Construction

The underlying layer controls tread stiffness as well as providing reinforcement and shock absorption. The grip-enhancing compound on top contains silica for all weather performance, tire life, and superb cornering grip.

New Generation Outside Bead Filler

In addition to the conventional inner bead filler, Battlax BT-014 employs the New Generation Outside Bead Filler. The New Generation Outside Bead Filler realizes the ideal sidewall profile analyzed by finite element method by giving optimum force distribution and rigidity balance. Patent pending.

HTSPC MONO-SPIRAL BELT (High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord)

Bridgestone is the first manufacturer to adapt 1X5 filament, rubber insulated steel MSB to Motorcycles radial tires. The new technology gives following advantages to motorcycle tire; allows more flexibility than other types of the steel used by competitors, reduces heat generation, and provides stability without deteriorating shock absorption. Patent pending.


The new directional diagonal grooves improve handling linearity by uniform deformation, and center S-curve cross grooves offer light handling, stability, and shock absorption.


  • Front
    • 130/70ZR16  
    • 110/70ZR17  
    • 120/60ZR17  
    • 120/65ZR17  
    • 120/70ZR17
  • Rear
    • 160/60ZR17  
    • 170/60ZR17  
    • 180/55ZR17
    • 190/50ZR17
    • 200/50ZR17
    • 150/60ZR18  
    • 160/60ZR18
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