Announcing the new Battlax BT-012SS radial, an ultra high performance sport radial tire. Using the most advanced technologies of Bridgestone, the new Battlax BT-012SS was developed through extensive testing on both streets and circuits around the world. Battlax BT-012SS provides unprecedented cornering performance without losing important performances for street tires such as stability and wet performances.

Dual Belt Construction

The Battlax BT-012SS rear tires are built with a revolutionary Dual Belt Construction to maintain a high level of grip, rotation power, and shock absorption. A Dual Belt Construction — one belt on each shoulder on top of the Kevler Mono Spiral Belt — improves both corner grip and maneuverability. The center area inside the tire is left open to improve straightway stability.

Silica Rich Compound

By using Silica the new Silica Rich compound in rear tire, BT-012SS offers much-enhanced grip in wet condition and low temperature, ensuring excellent handling from the moment the motorcycle starts moving. The new Silica Rich Compound also provides more consistent and longer lasting grip.


3D-C.T.D.M. is Bridgestone’s newest automated tire design technology. The leading edge 3D-C.T.D.M. program enables Bridgestone to conduct dynamic, three-dimensional simulations and analysis of tire performance and to find optimum solutions at all lean angles.

Pattern by 3D-C.T.D.M.

The tread patterns are designed using 3D-C.T.D.M., incorporating smoother curves to minimize hydroplaning in wet condition. The front tire’s pattern was designed to maximize high-speed stability while minimizing vibration. The rear tire has high negative ratio to enhance cornering grip and cornering stability.

Profile by 3D-C.T.D.M.

The convex tire profiles give quicker and lighter handling in tight corners. The 3D-C.T.D.M. designed profiles maximize the lateral stiffness (grip) and maintain linear contact pressure at all lean angles (handling).


  • Front
    • 130/70ZR16
    • 120/70ZR17
    • 110/80ZR18
  • Rear
    • 170/60ZR17
    • 180/55ZR17   
    • 190/50ZR17
    • 150/70ZR18
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