Designed for sport-touring oriented riders who look for riding comfort, tire life, and tire design. One of the best selling sport-touring radial worldwide, Battlax BT-020 offers high-speed stability, long mileage, wet performance, riding comfort, and consistent performance. The new comes in the rear deisgn.

Silica compound for exceptional wet performance and longer mileage.

3D-CTDM designed, the larger crown radius and unique anti-shock profile secures improved high-speed stability.

The patented High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord is used on Mono Spiral construction. The new rear tire gives superior stability in both corner and high speed straightway.


Two center lines and high-angled grooves effectively remove water. The skillful placements of directional and anti-directional grooves form lug blocks for traction (grip). The tuned rear pattern means better uniformity of tire, optimizes rigidity, for exceptional high-speed stability and cornering performances.


Front Rear
  • 150/80R16  
  • 110/70ZR17  
  • 120/60ZR17  
  • 120/70B17
  • 120/70R17  
  • 120/70ZR17
  • 130/70R17
  • 130/70ZR17
  • 110/80ZR18
  • 120/70ZR18
  • 110/80ZR19
  • 200/60R16
  • 150/70ZR17
  • 160/60ZR17
  • 160/70B17
  • 160/70R17  
  • 160/70ZR17  
  • 170/60R17  
  • 170/60ZR17  
  • 180/55ZR17
  • 190/50ZR17   
  • 190/60ZR17
  • 200/50ZR17
  • 160/60ZR18  
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