BATTLAX BT-39SS is for production racing from 50cc to 125cc class. BT-39SS was developed to win the production racing with its comprehensive line-up of sizes.

BATTLAX BT-39SS uses a newly developed compound provides exceptional dry grip and durable grip throughout the production race.

By securing the large contact area, the aggressive BT-39SS pattern is designed to maximize the tires’ magnetic grip. The arrow slant grooves of front and rear tires offer (1) improved tread life, (2) water dispelling effect, and (3) durability of grip.
The straight groove of front tire offers good stability in straightway and also reduces shimmy vibration. The open grooves (the tread edge grooves) of BT-39SS front tire reduces chattering.

The front tire is designed with double crown radius for better handling and solid grip feel in corner. The rear tire is a single crown radius for linear cornering performance.

Construction - Cross belt bias belted


  • Front
    • 80/90-16  
    • 80/90-17
    • 90/80-17  
    • 100/80-17  
  • Rear
    • 90/90-17
    • 100/80-17  
    • 120/80-17  
    • 100/90-18
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