Loaded with mono-spiral belt and DTC technologies, BATTLAX BT-92 is an all round radial tire for mid-size motorcycles with wet performance, riding comfort, and controllability.

BATTLAX BT-92 compound is balanced to give good dry grip, high speed stability, wear life, and wet performance. DTC technology in rear tire provides both tire life and cornering grip.

The high-angled groove in the center tread gives wet performance in straightway and high speed cruising, and the low-angled groove for wet performance in low-mid speed range. The center straight groove in front tire is for straightway stability.

The large, single crown radius for stability and linear cornering performance.

BATTLAX BT-92 uses nylon mono-spiral belt for riding comfort and stability.


  • Front
    • 110/70R17
    • 120/60R17  
    • 120/70R17  
  • Rear
    • 140/60R17   
    • 140/70R17
    • 150/60R17
    • 160/60R17
    • 140/60R18
    • 150/60R18      
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