The D616 is an ultra-aggressive sportbike tire with a solid mission: This hybrid brings together three of Dunlop’s already proven designs and technologies into a set of tires aimed straight at the sportbike riders who do it on the street. The D616 isn’t some soft-compound track-day tire suitable only for the manicured surface of a racetrack.

It puts a premium on nimble handling; great steering response, all-over stability, a tenacious gripÐand fantastic wear characteristics on the kinds of surfaces normally encountered on public roads. The D616 is a high-performance tire with a compound that won’t get chewed up and spit out on the highway. Underscoring all of that it comes with a no fooling, tough-guy look.

The D616s are a serious set of street tires for some serious street riding. It’s a lightweight set of tires, too. Dunlop targeted tire weight as a primary design goal, minimizing unsprung weight and maximizing handling. The D616 front’s a low-profile, 70-Series tire incorporating Dunlop’s Aramid Breaker Tread Reinforcement and radial casing, and the 55-Series rear features Dunlop’s Jointless Band (JLB) construction and Carcass Tension Control System (CTCS).


  • Dunlop’s D616 is a radical new sport radial for the mean streets, with the looks and performance to run anywhere.
  • Innovative and aggressive tread pattern derived from wet-track road-racing tread design.
  • Cool-running tread with superior grip characteristics also provides excellent cut and wear resistance.
  • Front tire incorporates Dunlop’s aramid breaker tread reinforcement and radial casing technology to provide excellent steering response and cornering stability.
  •  Rear tire combines Jointless Band (JLB) construction with Dunlop CTCS (Carcass Tension Control System) for enhanced cornering and wear performance, excellent high-speed stability and exceptional tire compliance.


  • Front
    • 120/70ZR17
    • MSRP $153.99
  • Rear
    • 180/55ZR17
    • MSRP $193.99
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