Dunlop front designed to compliment the performance of Dunlop’s D756 rear tire. Mixed concept tread pattern is effective on medium soft to medium hard terrain. New rubber compound gives excellent grip in hard, medium and loamy soil conditions, and is extremely durable.


  • The D742F tread pattern is designed to handle an amazingly wide range of riding conditions, encompassing medium-hard to medium-soft terrain.
  • New 2.50-12 front mini tire for 2006.
  • Also available in wider 90/100-21 size front tire.
  • Mixed-concept pattern features increased open space around the tire center, along with added land ratio around the shoulder area to boost cornering stability.
  • The D742F rubber compound delivers superb grip on hard-to-medium and loamy soils, while also boasting exemplary durability.


  • Front
    • 2.50-12
    • 80/100-21
    • 90/100-21
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