With the introduction of the Sportmax GP, Dunlop has accomplished a feat totally unprecedented: produce a multi-compound tire that matches the rock-solid stability and predictability of the legendary D208 GP-A, while also enhancing the cornering grip necessary to exploit the full potential of today’s Supersport racing motorcycles.

The Sportmax GP multi-compound rear tire design is so distinctive that Dunlop has received an international patent for their effort. The first layer is a continuous tread that spans the face of the tire from edge to edge. A second compound is then layered radially on top of the first compound to form the main running surface around the circumference of the tire. The first layer, called the lateral-grip compound, makes contact with the pavement whenever the motorcycle is leaned over, and therefore incorporates a rubber compound developed specifically to enhance cornering traction. The second layer, which contacts the pavement when the motorcycle is upright, uses a tougher, cooler-running compound that maintains straight-line stability and traction when the motorcycle is accelerating or braking in a more or less upright orientation; it is called the traction compound.

The genius of the Sportmax GP’s multi-compound design is the Intertread Fabric (ITF), a gossamer-thin rubberized nylon ply seated between the first and second layers. The ITF is an engineered system that, when bonded with the two tread compounds, allows Dunlop’s engineers to fine-tune end-result characteristics to achieve an ideal blend of stability and wear as the tire transitions between upright and cornering attitudes.


  • The Sportmax GP matches the stability and predictability of the legendary D208GP while also significantly enhancing cornering grip.
  • The multi-compound rear tire consists of a tough, cooler-running center compound for straight-line stability and traction, and an outer compound to enhance cornering traction.
  • A new tread pattern derived from Dunlop’s cosecant-curve design provides enhanced wet-surface grip yet sacrifices nothing in terms of dry-surface wear performance.
  • The Sportmax GP employs Dunlop’s race-proven D208GP carcass construction. The rear tire incorporates one carcass ply and two breaker belts, while the front utilizes two carcass plies plus two aramid reinforcing belts.


  • Front
    • 120/70ZR17
  • Rear
    • 180/55ZR17
    • 190/60ZR17

MSRP $403.99 - $484.99

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