Ride on… and on!

  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Excellent grip during throughout the life of the tire

The Pilot Activ is a belted crossply tyre with a sports-orientated tread pattern that offers improved manoeuvrability, better dry and wet grip, higher mileage, and improved rider comfort compared with the Macadam 50.

These improvements in performance come from a revised casing construction that uses recently developed ply and belt technology and a tread rubber compound incorporating the latest generation of elastomers to improve grip in all weather conditions without compromising tyre-life.

The Pilot Activ tread pattern features an optimised void ratio which puts four per cent more rubber on the road compared with a Macadam 50 of the same size. This improves grip and tyre-life, and contributes to better stability in all conditions.


    • 110/70-17 54H
    • 110/80-17 57H
    • 120/70-17 58H
    • 120/70-17 58V
    • 110/80-18 58H
    • 100/90-18 56H
    • 110/90-18 61H
    • MSRP $73.99 - $89.99
  • REAR
    • 130/70-17 62H
    • 130/80-17 65H
    • 140/70-17 66H
    • 150/70-17 69H
    • 150/70-17 69V
    • 130/70-18 63H
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