Diablo allows an easy and fully safe achievement of the highest performances, thanks to its compound/tread design combination, and it offers a balanced and precise behaviour, always maximising the contact patch to ground at every lean angle. Performance and feelings of riding are not compromised by wet road conditions, thanks to Diablo tread pattern design, which assures perfect water drainage and excellent wet grip till tyre shoulder. On wet roads, Diablo warms up quickly and keeps naturally the trajectory, helping powerful braking without running into blockings or slippage thanks to its outstanding water drainage and compound.

Diablo offers a better Supersport mileage and higher trust on tyre responses to bike driving. This is the results of the innovative Pirelli QUADROPLEX technology on the rear tyre, which allows the creation of an extrusion with "mini-flanks" of optimized stiffness, for a more uniform wear of tread pattern also under the highest stresses.


  • Front
    • 120/60R17M/CTL 55H DIABLF  
    • 120/60ZR17M/CTL(55W) DIABLF 
    • 110/70R17M/CTL 54H DIABLF 
    • 110/70ZR17M/CTL 54W DIABLF 
    • 120/70R17M/CTL 58H DIABLF 
    • 120/70ZR17M/CTL (58W)(E) DIABLF 
    • 120/70ZR17M/CTL(58W)(P) DIABLF 
    • 120/70ZR17M/CTL(58W)(T) DIABLF 
    • 120/70ZR17M/CTL(58W) DIABLF 
    • 130/70ZR16M/CTL(61W) DIABLF
  • Rear
    • 240/40ZR18M/CTL (79W) DIABLO  
    • 190/50ZR17M/CTL (73W)(E) DIABLO 
    • 190/50ZR17M/CTL(73W)(P) DIABLO 
    • 190/50ZR17M/CTL(73W) DIABLO 
    • 200/50ZR17M/CTL(75W) DIABLO 
    • 180/55ZR17M/CTL(73W)(T) DIABLO 
    • 180/55ZR17M/CTL(73W) DIABLO 
    • 150/60R17M/CTL 66H DIABLO 
    • 150/60ZR17M/CTL 66W DIABLO 
    • 160/60R17M/CTL 69H DIABLO 
    • 160/60ZR17M/CTL(69W) DIABLO 
    • 170/60ZR17M/CTL(72W) DIABLO 
    • 150/70ZR18M/CTL (70W) DIABLO
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