• Pirelli Dragon Corsa

    pirelli dragon ocrsa

Pirelli DIABLO is a tyre aimed at the everyday performance rider.
The Pirelli Diablo is the eagerly awaited replacement for the Pirelli Dragon EVO.

It is a brand new design in terms of both carcass and the latest Computer Aided Design tread pattern, the compound incorporates the very latest SILICA mix, for rapid warm up and superior wet weather performance.

The tread pattern is most heavily grooved at the mid-lean section of the tyre, since this is where you need the most water clearance capability. However on the limit the tyre has far less cuts, providing an un-ruffled, confidence-inspiring ride.

The Diablo also features the latest 0 degree steel belt technology, this acts as first line suspension, as well as reducing tyre growth and increasing stability.


  • Confidence in all weather conditions This unmatched all-weather performance is the result, again, of Pirelli’s technological advances. The NEW MIRS™ technology; and Pirelli’s "F.G.D." approach (Functional Groove Design) provide a perfect combination of the Supercorsa racing tire construction and standard Diablo wet grip performance that help the new Diablo Corsa maximize wet and dry grip.
  • Track Day Passion A newly developed carcass combined with special compounds developed for track day and street use allow riders to brake later and harder entering corners. Fanstastic mid-corner grip and corner exit drive combined with the famous Pirelli "flickability" offers the rider unmatched handling traits.


  • Front
    • 120/65ZR17M/CTL(56W) DCORSF  
    • 120/70ZR17M/CTL (58W)(E) DCORSF 
    • 120/70ZR17TL(58W) DCORSF
  • Rear
    • 190/50ZR17M/CTL(73W)(H) DCORSA  
    • 190/50ZR17M/CTL(73W) DCORSA 
    • 180/55ZR17M/CTL(73W) DCORSA
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