Off-road tread pattern with STREET HOMOLOGATION (DOT approved).  


  • Tread pattern OPTIMISED FOR USAGE IN DIRT AND GRAVEL ROADS, cross-country racing and desert tours.
  • SPECIAL OFF-ROAD COMPOUND for off-road lasting performances and knobs tearing resistance.


  • Front
    • 80/90-21M/C 48P MT21F  
    • 90/90-21M/C 54R MT21F 
    • 80/100-21M/C 51P MT21F
  • Rear
    • 110/80-18M/C 58P MT21  
    • 120/80-18M/C 62R MT21 
    • 120/80-19M/C 63R MT21 
    • 140/80-18M/C 70R MT21 
    • 120/90-17M/C 64R MT21 
    • 120/90-18M/C 65R MT21 
    • 130/90-17M/C 68P MT21 
    • 130/90-18M/C 69R MT21 
    • 100/100-18M/C 59P MT21
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