Off-road tyre for usage on medium to hard terrain.

The MT450 rear tire gets great traction on intermediate terrain. It has been designed with a lower profile, which allows it to be fatter, giving it a larger footprint. The rear is constructed of lighter, more pliable materials, making for less unsprung weight. Also, the center knobs are lower profile and stiffer to stand up to heavy acceleration. 


  • SPECIAL CARCASS MADE OF HP (=HIGH MODULUS) POLYESTER, for heating resistance under severe and long lasting GP usage conditions also at high temperature, and reduced weight without compromises on stability.
  • NEW CONTOUR AND TWIN-KNOB DESIGN for enlarged ground contact avoiding knobs tear off and constant traction even under changing terrain conditions.
  • MORE FLEXIBLE KNOBS STRUCTURE and low section design for precise steering and better lean holding.


  • Front
    • MT450 90/100R-20
    • MT450 80/100R-21
  • Rear
    • MT450 100/90-19
    • MT450 110/90-19
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