Dual-purpose conventional tyres for Enduro bikes, BEST FOR MORE OFF-ROAD ORIENTED RIDERS.  


  • Excellent high-speed stability even when fully loaded thanks to SIZE OPTIMISED CARCASS. Superb wet/dry grip due to NEW SILICA-THREAD COMPOUND, that offers also mileage and regular tread wear performances.
  • Some 0°- STEEL BELT RADIAL SIZES specially developed for heavy usage (desert and sand) on new generation big Enduro bikes.


  • Front
    • 80/90-21M/C 48SFRONT MT90AF  
    • 90/90-19M/C 52P MT90AF 
    • 90/90-21M/C 54SFRONT MT90AF 
    • 90/90-21M/CTL 54VFRONT MT90AF
  • Rear
    • 150/70R18M/CTL 70S MT90AT  
    • 150/70R18M/CTL 70V MT90AT 
    • 110/80-18M/C 58S MT90AT 
    • 120/80-18M/C 62S MT90AT 
    • 140/80-18M/C 70S MT90AT 
    • 110/90-17M/C 60P MT90AT 
    • 120/90-17M/C 64S MT90AT
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