New SPORTY AND FASHIONABLE TREAD PATTERN with speed index from H to V (130 MPH up to 149 MPH).

This tyre has been developed to best perform in terms of comfort, mileage and water drainage, without compromising the fun of leaning with your bike, as it can be clearly seen from its multiple curvature profile.


  • Top conventional bias play tire with modern performance and mileage for late ’70s to early ’90s bikes. Special front tire design and contour for improved handling and good wet performance.
  • Perfect rear tire block distribution for water drainage, even wear and optimized contact-patch from tire to ground.
  • Up-to-date sport compound for best dry and wet grip without compromising mileage. 


Front Rear
  • 110/70-17M/CTL 54H(K) SPORDF  
  • 110/70-17M/CTL 54H(M) SPORDF 
  • 110/70-17M/CTL 54H SPORDF 
  • 120/70-17M/CTL 58H SPORDF 
  • 120/70-17M/CTL 58V SPORDF 
  • 100/80-17M/CTL 52H SPORDF 
  • 100/80-17M/CTL 52S SPORDF 
  • 110/80-17M/CTL 57H SPORDF 
  • 110/80-17M/CTL 57V SPORDF 
  • 110/80-18M/CTL 58H SPORDF 
  • 110/80-18M/CTL 58V SPORDF 
  • 120/80-16M/CTL 60S SPORDF 
  • 120/80V16M/CTL (60V) SPORDF 
  • 100/90-16M/CTL 54H SPORDF 
  • 100/90-18M/CTL 56H SPORDF 
  • 100/90-18M/CTL 56V SPORDF 
  • 100/90-19M/CTL 57H SPORDF 
  • 100/90-19M/CTL 57V SPORDF 
  • 110/90-16M/CTL 59V SPORDF 
  • 110/90-18M/CTL 61V SPORDF
  • 130/70-17M/CTL 62H(K) SPORTD  
  • 130/70-17M/CTL 62H SPORTD 
  • 130/70-17M/CTL 62S SPORTD 
  • 130/70-18M/CTL 63H SPORTD 
  • 140/70-17M/CTL 66H SPORTD 
  • 140/70-18M/CTL 67H SPORTD 
  • 140/70-18M/CTL 67V SPORTD 
  • 150/70-16M/CTL 68S SPORTD 
  • 150/70-17M/CTL 69H SPORTD 
  • 150/70-17M/CTL 69V SPORTD 
  • 110/80-18M/CTL 58H SPORTD 
  • 120/80-18M/CTL 62H SPORTD 
  • 130/80-17M/CTL 65H(M) SPORTD 
  • 130/80-17M/CTL 65H SPORTD 
  • 130/80-18M/CTL 66V SPORTD 
  • 140/80VB17M/CTL (69V) SPORTD 
  • 150/80V16M/CTL (71V) SPORTD 
  • 110/90-18M/CTL 61H SPORTD 
  • 120/90-17M/CTL 64H SPORTD 
  • 120/90-18M/CTL 65V SPORTD 
  • 130/90-16M/CTL 67V SPORTD 
  • 130/90-17M/CTL 68V SPORTD


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