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Motus Ramps Up Reach With New California Dealership

Motus Ramps Up Reach With New California Dealership

With all the uncertainty surrounding a lot of struggling bikemakers these days, it’s refreshing to see a fledgling brand making some production headway. That’s what’s happening to Motus these days, and for what it’s worth, everybody is excited to see what lies ahead for theall-American V4 sports tourer.

For now, production of Motus’ motorcycles has reached a point where the company is confident of shipping bikes on a weekly basis, particularly the MST sports tourer. That sort of thing may not mean much for a company like Harley-Davidson, but that’s a huge deal for a relatively new brand like Motus.

The company also announced that it had set up a new dealership in Southern California to handle the sale of its motorcycles. That responsibility now falls on San Diego BMW, which according to Motus, is already taking orders of the MST. Even better, engineers at San Diego BMW are well-versed in dealing with sports bikes and tourers, making it an ideal dealership to handle and cater to customers looking to buy any of Motus’ motorcycle lineup.

It’s reassuring to see a company make this much progress in the industry in light of other manufacturers sitting precariously on the other side of the fence. It doesn’t mean that Motus is on its way to becoming a heavyweight player in the business, but from where it was a few years ago, the company has definitely progressed to the point where it’s on the precipice of becoming a mainstream company.

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