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2016 Norton Dominator

2016 Norton Dominator

The new Dominator from Norton captures the look and feel of the limited-edition Domiracer, but with a more production-friendly and street-legal layout. Norton may have been a bit surprised at the pace at which the Domiracers got snapped up and at the high rate of conversion to street-legal status, but its response was right on target.

Not only does the Dominator resurrect a venerable and storied name, but it shows that this once-mighty, British racebike factory that started out in the late 19th century is still relevant here in the beginning of the 21st. You see, the company fell prey to the flood of cheap Japanese imports during the ’60s and ’70s, and even broke up and changed hands a few times in subsequent years.

Honestly, there was a time when I really felt the same as I did about the original Indian Motorcycle company; once it closed down and changed hands the first time, it wasn’t the same ever again. Well, the new Indian under Polaris made me eat those words once, so join me to see if Norton does so again with its new/old race/street bike.

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