Rokon Mototractor reviews

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2017 Rokon Mototractor

2017 Rokon Mototractor

The Ultimate Off-Roader

Rokon, maker of some of the most unique, utilitarian motorcycles in the world , adds to its lineup this year with the Mototractor model. This newest contraption — and I mean that in the best possible way — focuses specifically on capabilities useful in an agricultural environment. Granted, you could transform a Trail-Breaker with loads of an accessories catalog, but the factory saves you the trouble. Mighty thoughtful, don’t you think? The Mototractor mill only puts out around 7-horsepower, but don’t let that fool you; it punches far above its weight and brings capabilities that go far beyond what you would normally expect, or even think to ask from a bike. I previously named a Rokon product as one of my favorites if I had to survive a zombie apocalypse, and digging into this model I am reminded of exactly why.

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