The electric street tracker taken on values from both firms

Just days after Harley-Davidson and Alta Motors entered into a wedlock, creative heads from around the world have begun letting their imagination go wild. We have come across what we think is the first rendered image of the motorcycle that is touted to come out of this marriage.

The bike envisioned here is an electric street-tracker model that captures Harley’s values onto Alta’s Redshift platform. As a matter of fact, Alta has already showcased its street-tracker concept at last year’s One Moto Show, in Portland, Oregon. The Redshift ST concept was also built on the same platform.

Someone already sketched out a Harley-Alta motorcycle Exterior Drawings
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If 2016-17 were the years of the Cafe-Racers, 2018-19 are for the Street Trackers. Manufacturers have not yet jumped on the street tracker bandwagon but looks like that is about to change very soon. The makers have already shown appreciation to them and will head to production pretty soon. It’s what they as the Flat Street Trackers.

The 2018 Redshift MXR Motocross model ups the ante in all departments and adds a significant change with its electronics package and battery-motor combo. It boasts of more power, less weight, better recharge times, and better heat management to keep the competition in check. The same package will be underlying the Harley-Alta tracker motorcycle.

Someone already sketched out a Harley-Alta motorcycle Exterior
- image 772753
Redshift ST concept

Harley-Alta will, however, have the 19″ wheels borrowed from the Roadster model and the WP AER suspension will have a lower setup compared to the Motorcross. The motorcycle is equipped with a 50 hp motor having 147 lb-ft of peak torque at zero rpm. The 14,000 high rev electric motor is, according to the company, “pound for pound one of the most powerful in motorsports”.

With electric bikes starting to become in vogue these days, Harley-Alta will be the first player offering one that provides an electric tracker motorcycle fun in one small package. Their Redshift series revolutionized the electric enduro/dirt motorcycles with an agile, lightweight and noise-free motorcycle that broke the mold in the way enduro riding is being enjoyed these days.

Someone already sketched out a Harley-Alta motorcycle Exterior
- image 764245
2018 Redshift MXR Motocross

This tracker will also look into enticing the new breed of young riders who are just breaking into the motorcycling scene.Expect the first product of this marriage to come out sometime in 2019, after the Project LiveWire enters production and onto the showroom floors.

Source: Carbonprojects

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