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Jay Leno gets a taste of Travis Pastrana's craziness

Jay Leno gets a taste of Travis Pastrana’s craziness

Sits on a recliner and has bikes jumping over his head

A professional motocross racer, 17-time X Games winner, world record distant jumper, and the list goes on. Having so many tags behind his name, Travis Pastrana is undoubtedly the crazies daredevil there is out there. He has already had 32 surgeries and is still earning to get onto his bike every single time.

Jay Leno, the host of "The Tonight Show" back in his days, had the 15-year-old Travis on his show just when the stuntman had turned Pro. Now, after a decade, both meet at Travis’s own show: The Nitro Circus.

Leno is going to participate in one of the crazy stunts happening at the Nitro Circus and it is a huge deal.

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2016 - 2018 Ducati Hypermotard 939

2016 - 2018 Ducati Hypermotard 939

The Hooligan Bike You Always Wanted

Ducati updated its Hypermotard for the 2016 model year and carried that forward to 2018. Fairly fresh off a revamp in ’13, the new Hypermotard variant brings Ducati’s EURO 4-emissions compliant Testastretta to the range along with its increased, 937 cc displacement and 113-pony output. The factory also padded the range with a MotoGP-liveried, 939 SP that sports top-shelf racing suspension and is generally skewed toward track work, or riders who wish they were doing track work. Both rides benefit from Ducati’s rider-safety technology with onboard traction control, ABS and the like. Good thing too, since this is exactly the kind of bike that will allow you to get in trouble all three ways: quick, fast, and in-a-hurry.

Continue reading for my review of the Ducati Hypermotard 939 and 939 SP.

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