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Suzuki Bandit

The Bandits are an important name in the motorcycling world. Spread over the entire displacement range, credible, attractive and affordable motorcycles were the gateway to motorcycling for an entire army of riders. Two-three generations later, the Bandits, used and new, are still around with the added value of "classic."

More about the Suzuki Bandit

The first Suzuki Bandits, a 250 and a 400 from 1989, were exotics when brought to North America and Europe two years later with their filigree inline-4 engines. The 400 cc/four cylinder configuration had however been common in Japan, where bikes were categorized at the 400 cc mark. To be competitive with the stronger and then still available (but already fading) two-stroke bikes, the little Bandits revved insanely to 14,500 and 12,000 - and the young riders loved them. But the big hit came in 1995 with Bandits 600 and 1200, both as a naked and with a half-fairing. The 600 was an improvement on the existing budget offering of the time for beginners and pragmatics: more power and better looks, while the 1200 was from the start a serious touring-sport motorcycle at an affordable price. The two remained in production until the 650 and the 1250 cc variants were presented in 2005 and 2007. The 650 gained power to go with a more modern, aggressive styling, while the big Bandit dropped any sport ambition and fully focused on the grunt.