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Suzuki Boulevard

With the Boulevard bikes Suzuki delivers an American feel to what a ride should be like, whether on the gigantic, pushy M90 or the entry-level 50 cubic inch cruiser versions.

More about the Suzuki Boulevard

Japanese makers, actually led by Suzuki and its Intruder 750, moved in on the North American market in the mid-1980s, followed by the Savage, the Marauder and the Volusia. In 2005, Suzuki reset and renamed all of its remaining models for the U.S. market to Boulevard. The letter designates the style: M are muscle bikes, C are classical and S choppers. Typically,each Boulevard model is powered by a V-twin,from the mighty, 1,783 cc M109 down to the entry-level C models with 805 cc,engine delivering a flood of torque rather than power, a low seat and high handlebars.