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Suzuki Hayabusa

The Hayabusa burst out in 1999 as the world's fastest and baddest motorcycle. Now too heavy for sport, it is an option for riders wanting its smooth, endless power with good comfort, while not minding the somewhat lumbering handling compared to the much younger competition.

More about the Hayabusa

In 1999 Suzuki presented the Hayabusa (Peregrine Falcon) and rose to a challenge from its Japanese competition for the world’s fastest production bike. With a 1,298 cc engine and 175 HP, It was the most powerful, the first to run faster than 300 MPH and baddest. After four revamps, the farthest-reaching in 2008 when the engine displacement grew to 1,340 cc and the power to 194 HP. The appearance also evolved, but the Hayabusa is today still immediately recognizable with its low-slung, drawn-out silhouette. Today Hayabusa is too heavy and lumbering in comparison to modern supersport bikes, but sells as a sport-tourer, comfortable in the segment and with an immense, immediate delivery of power.