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2015 - 2017 SYM Fiddle III 200i

2015 - 2017 SYM Fiddle III 200i

The Sanyang Motor Company is one of the largest Asian scooter manufacturers, and it produces well over half-a-million vehicles a year to include scooters, four-wheeler ATVs and even does some outsource work for Hyundai building cars and minitrucks. Yet, we don’t hear as much about SYM as we do some of the others like Honda, BMW and Piaggio/Vespa. I chalk that up to exposure and advertising, which is a shame since the Taiwan-based manufacturer has a lot to offer. Take, for instance, the Fiddle III 200i, one of SYM’s mid-range models that boasts hybrid-retro looks and modern performance with an accessible price tag.

Continue reading for my review of the SYM Fiddle III 200i.

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